Monday, February 04, 2008

What's Happening to Me?

I watched pretty much the entire Superbowl last night, besides maybe about 5 minutes when I bathed the boys. Now I normally don't watch football and I normally don't care about the Superbowl unless its the Packers. But I couldn't stand all the hype that the Patriots were getting from everybody for their oh so perfect season...ahem I say that because they're cheaters. I only know a bit here and there from my football announcer, I mean guru, husband. But I couldn't stand that those cheaters were actually allowed to play in the Superbowl. So I was rooting hard for the Giants. I'm sure I made my hubby proud to be watching a whole football game AND cheering! Needless to say I'm glad a team that played fair won. They played a good game. And it just goes to show that when you want to cheat what goes around comes around. Sorry I'm not very sympathetic to you Patriot fans (and my best friend is one of them).

I am finally feeling a bit better. I'm almost wondering if I had a touch of the flu with how awful I felt for a few days there. Zach took off of work on Friday and it was so beneficial. It wasn't until Saturday afternoon that I started to feel a bit more like myself. Sure I still have my nauseous moments but nothing at all like it was. Today the temps are in the 70s so the kiddos and I picked up some lunch and met friends at the park. It was a welcome change from being cooped up in the house for 4-5 days, although it was a bit breezier than I thought it'd be.

We found out on Friday that Zach's BOP got denied. BOP is base of preference. You put on a list the bases you want to go to and submit it. All got rejected (two in Washington state, one in Illinois, one in Ohio and one in Tennessee). I'm a bit ticked about it, but of course I know we'll go where God wants us. He did apply for a job at Notre' Dame awhile back and may find out about that this week. I don't really want him to get it because I'd really like to live on/near a base and not worry about buying or renting a house. But it is only about 9 hours from home so that would be a huge plus. I know we'll go where the Lord sends us but I just want to move. After awhile I just get an itch to move and I've been itchin' for a long time! Oh and Zach can't apply for BOP to those particular bases again for 3 months! Such is life in the military!

Um and can I gripe and say that I'm sick of the spellcheck not working. Anybody else have this problem? Ever since their outage last week mine is NOT working. So now I need to go through and reread my house needs to be cleaned terribly so I'm off to do that once I'm done.


Becca said...

Spellcheck doesn't work for me either...I thought it was just a glitch with my computer at the time.

Becca said...

Oh....and it's good to hear you're feeling better. I'm envying you those warm temps!

Risa said...

You would moved to IN now that I don't live there! LOL

I thought I had the flu when I was pregnant w/Belle because I was sick ALL times of the day - but after I figured out I was pregnant I know what it was but I was sick for wasn't fun. Then with Luke I wasn't sick for a day.

Very strange. But I guess every one is different.

Jodie said...

LOL you make me laugh. You've never really held back and always say what's on your mind, but your pregnant mind is even more fiesty. Cracks me up.

Donna Barber said...

yeah! take that patriots!!
Go Pack! -next year!!

Amie said...

I was rooting for the Giants too. Me and Steph we're the only ones there who were. Everyone else wanted the 'historical' undefeated season. I wanted Eli Manning to win.

I can't believe all your BOP we're rejected! Geesh, do you have choose all new ones now?

Wethyb said...

So glad it wasn't just me that the spellcheck wasn't working for.

And I wanted to Patriots to win...darnit all!

Wheelchair Mama said...

Wow--Packers fan, hate the Patriots, live in (or going to live in) Iowa. Hi! We have a lot in common. I found your blog from your homeschool-Iowa post. I've lived here all my life, in the Des Moines area. Ames is a fun college town. I think you'll like it. It's a good place to raise a family, and they can play out in the blizzard like the one we had today!