Friday, February 01, 2008

They're Growing Up

Princess opted to stay home with Mom while Dad and the boys went grocery shopping. She knew she would have to vacuum the floors and finish up her math, yet she stayed home anyway. When she was vacuuming she asked, "Mom, when I'm done can I watch 'What Not to Wear'?" She cracked me up! What kind of almost 8 year old asks to watch that show!?!? And we honestly don't watch it that often, but I think when we were at my Mom's in Michigan we watched it a bit.
Little Man is sporting a new look tonight:

He lost his first tooth!

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And Cuddly Boy...well today while I watched 'A Baby Story' he said, "When your baby comes it will sleep in your bed and I'll have to sleep in my bed?" Yes that WILL be the case- the boy will be sleeping in his bed by then!

I was just flipping through the channels and guess what???
Extreme Makeover Home Edition is in Mobile- only 45 minutes away!!!! Oh I wish I felt better so I could go and check it out!


Rebecca said... least Cuddly Boy knows what to expect! =)

BTW...I finished A Light to My Path you I couldn't put it down!

Anonymous said...

wow! Congratulations!! where does that put you in the adoption world...will you wait for awhile, or still pursue it? Have fun at the retreat! one of these days I'm going to come to it! lvoe, Denise

myboys9802 said...

Love the new look.


erika said...

My 7 yo boy loves to watch the Food channel with me when we're visiting my mom and dad (we don't have cable), his favorite is Bobby Flay Throwdown. It's not always cartoons!

btw, my blog addy is

I haven't posted in a long time though!

Anna said...

That's funny! What not to wear:) Future in design?:) I like to watch that show every now and then.
Cute pic.
Wow extreme makeover so cool!!

Jodie said...

Cute. :)

Campbell's Hope said...

Great news..congrats..I'm with ya on the sickness it's TOUGH...
but so worth it.


Anonymous said...

Oh I hate to see those beautiful white teeth of yours go. May your new teeth be just as beautiful and white as your "baby" teeth. Growing up my boy! Love you, Nanny