Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who's the Sick One Now?

Me. Let's see the checklist:

x Extreme Fatigue
x Constant Nauseousness
x Sore Limbs
x Irritable (at times)
x Forgetful
x Acne
x Weight Gain
x Frequently using the Restroom
x Major Insomnia (this is a new one)
x Sore Breasts

Diagnosis: A new little baby will join our family in September!

I have been keeping it a secret for quite some time but more and more people are finding out so I figure I may as well finally post it. Plus my first ultrasound isn't until the end of February and I can't wait that long to spill the beans here.

I was really quite shocked to learn that I'm pregnant. I had a doctor appointment about 2 1/2 weeks ago for a yearly exam. Before I went I took a pregnancy test since I was late. Well, I messed up the first one (it is possible) and the second one I took at like 3 am. I didn't see a second line nad didn't wait around for it, assuming I wasn't pregnant. When I awoke again at 8 I decided to check out the test. Lo and behold, there was a faint second line. But not on the messed up one. What could this mean? Afterall, it says on the box not to pay attention to the results after 10 minutes. This was hours later. So I told the doctor and they did a blood test. I was shocked when he called and said it was positive! I honestly did not believe I could be pregnant! When I called Zach and told him he didn't believe me! When we told our children they were SO excited! That's what I love about them- they really want a baby in the house! Little Man clapped his hands, had the cutest look on his face and said, 'There's a baby in your belly'. A bit later he looked at me and said, "I'm so happy there's a baby in your belly!" Princess is wanting a sister, so she'll have two brothers and two sisters! Please keep this pregnancy in your prayers. For the most part I'm peaceful and trusting God in it but at times fear creeps in.


Christine said...

Oh Jamie, what wonderful news! I am extremely happy for you! I will keep your sweet little one in my prayers.

Amie said...

Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you, Jamie, and will keep you in my prayers.........It looks like you have quite the exciting month ahead of you, so it will fly by, and then only 7 or so more to go! :-)
Be blessed,

razorbackmama said...


Angie said...

You know how THRILLED I am for you!! Thanks for finally spilling the beans on here, I didn't want to accidently say something in a

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you. The later checking the test is how I found out about Grace. I took the test on Rick's lunch break. it cam up negative, i threw it away. I happened to check it after rick went back to work and it was positive. I'm praying for you and the little bean!!
God bless,

Aduladi' said...

I have not stopped grinning since i read your e-mail! Congrats, I wish I could give you a BIG HUG!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! We are so excited for you!! We will definitely keep you and the little one, and everyone else, in our prayers.


Beth said...

Congratulations, Jamie & Zach!

I am excited for your move this summer/fall. Sure wish it was our turn, but we have only been here 17 already feels like forever! I hate it here and want to leave!

Jodie said...

That's wonderful! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Sam said...

I'm excited to read your blog and learn of your good news. May I add you to my blog list? Visit me at for a cuppa anytime!

Anonymous said...

That is GREAT news!
I will lift you up in my prayers:)
Praise God!

Erika said...

Congratulations Jamie! I'm praying for you as you get through these early weeks of your pregnancy. I've also had miscarriages and understand the fear that can creep in during subsequent pregnancies.

Take care of yourself, and let your hubby pamper you!

Brandi said...

You need to post this on your other blog too! Yeah!! I'm glad you FINALLY let the cat out of the bag! Hope you are feeling better!

Love ya,

steffany said...

WAhoooo! Congratulations!
Praying for peace for you and lots of morning sickness to give you a constant reminder of the life growing in your tummy.

The only reason I pray for morning sickness is although it's miserable it's a reassurance of strong hormones:)

Missy said...

Yippee!! I know you wanted this, so I am so happy for you. I'm glad it's you and not me though. Not that I'd mind another baby, but the whole pregnancy thing would be a bit overwhelming to me right now. Not to mention the fact that my hubby might question the whole thing :o) Oh yeah, back to you. Feel better soon.

Beth said...

Yea! I'm sooooo happy for you, I know how bad you wanted this. I pray this baby is healthy and this pregnancy is uneventful- boring!

Take it easy!

DDK23 said...

very cool! I will keep you in my prayers that everything continues to go well.

Becky said...

I'm glad we'll be going through this together. I'm sorry that I haven't emailed back yet. I'm so behind in my emails, but you are in my prayers. Congratulations!


Rebecca said...

Nothing like a baby to get people to "show the love"....are you feeling it, Jamie? Congratulations to you and Zach! I pray this pregnancy goes easy on you.

amber said...

What a blessing for your family.
You'll be in my prayers...


Brandi said...

Yeah, seriously! 21 comments?! Aren't you popular?!

Love ya,

Melissa said...

Yay,congrats! I had a feeling that you were pregnant. I will be praying for little peanut!! :D

Risa said...

I'm so excited for you! :) I as waiting for you to spill the beans and knew you wouldn't be able to wait that long! LOL :)

Angela said...

Congrats! How exciting!

God bless...Angela

Choppzs said...

Congratulations!! I was waiting for the blog, since Ma decided it was time for everyone to know since Uncle Larry told her! lol

You guys are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

So exciting!

myboys9802 said...

You are in my thoughts even if I don't talk with you that often.

momanna98 said...

Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!! You just brightened my day!!! I'm so happy for you, and will be praying for you!!

Wethyb said...

Congratulations!!!! That's awesome!!! And, I already knew too, since Ma blabbed to me too...haha :)

I'm so happy for you guys!

Anna said...

Wow Jamie!
I'm just catching up now.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

Mama Russell said...

OH MY GOODNESS! This will teach me not to go for months on end without going online. CONGRATS girl!! We are preggers together! HUGS!