Sunday, January 27, 2008


I've been told before that I'm a worm. A bookworm that is. Until I finish this book I don't think I'll be blogging. It is so good and hard to put down. It's the third and last in the series that I started before Christmas. It shouldn't be too long before my nose appears out of the book. What books are you reading?


Rebecca said...

I just finished Whitethorn Woods, Maeve Binchy's latest...not her greatest tho.

That's funny....I have that book you're reading on my bedside table...I read the others a while ago...Pete's grandma lent them to be and I think that last one is the onyl one I haven't read. It might be next on my list! It should be....I gotta get them back to her!

Brandi said...

Miss Bookworm, Did you read Red Letters with us? Come on!


Amie said...

I LOVE when I find a book that I can't put down.

I'll have to read that series sometime. Right now I'm trying to read all my paperbackswap books. I'm reading Lord of The Flies.