Saturday, January 19, 2008

Honoring a Hero

Today we had an opportunity to do something most people don't get to. It is not one that you look forward to, but at the same time you feel honored to be able to take part in it. Maj. Micheal Green died from a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. I never knew him, never heard of him until my friends told me about the incident. He's from a nearby town and I was told there was to be a standing procession for him, honoring his service. It was something I knew we had to do. Today is a COLD day in South Mississippi, especially when you factor in the wind. Yet so many people turned out to honor this war hero (in spite of Mardi Gras parades).

As we were sitting in our vehicle waiting for the procession I told the children why we were there and I just broke down crying. As the funeral procession slowly passed by I saw so many grieving people. Old, young, those in military uniform, those obviously grieving. And I cried for this family that lost a husband, son and friend. There was even a huge procession of motorcycles involved. And the whole thing was so silent. I think the tears really hit me when I realized how silent it was (besides my children asking questions). It was truly a chance that people had to honor a soldier.

Waiting for the humble moment to begin

I know this is blurry but I just love the Red, White & Blue
Staying Warm

Waving their flags!
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Brandi said...

very cool


Anonymous said...

How cool that y'all went to that! :-) We had a previous commitment w/our Youth Group and couldn't make it.

Jodie said...

The pics of the flags are cool.

Aduladi' said...

Just saying hello! I love the new layout, it looks great!

Risa said...

Is that a W*Mart jacket that H has on? Jozie has one just like that only hers is pink with brown trim and it reverses to brown with pink trim. She loves it because it's pink - and it is pretty cute - but I hate it because it's pink! It gets dirty so easily that I think I wash it every time she wears it! Grrr...

Donna Barber said...

thank-you for the reminder- it was VERY touching. We had a soldier die from our town recently. We knew him and his parents. It was quite sad. He was 22. We have had 3 soldiers from our town die now.
By the way- congratulations on the new baby!!!