Saturday, January 12, 2008

It Just Makes Me SO Angry!

I heard about this on Tuesday or Wednesday and was just baffled. Just because you get in an argument with your wife (which is what I'd read one of those days) you do that to your children? I guess that is what happens when you're addicted to drugs (another thing I remember reading). I have been checking our local news station online for updates. Well, Zach is watching football today (he's happy the Packers are whooping butt) and updates keep coming on about the case. When I heard that they found the infants body I just lost it. I couldn't help but break into tears (and I still am periodically). That poor child. Those poor children. What were those poor babies thinking when their daddy held them over the open water, so far below? And I must admit that I can't help but keep saying I hope that man rots in hell. Really I know he needs Jesus but I think he deserves 100 times worse than what he did to those babies. And so my heart is breaking tonight as I think about that poor mama. Boy, I hope she knows Jesus.


Christine said...

Words cannot express how much this saddened me, too. It absolutely breaks my heart and makes me feel sick.

Melissa said...

:( Tears...I can't even speak!

Anonymous said...

I cannot even imagine. Only one word keeps painfully echoing through my mind, and that is "why?"