Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Eating Egypt

One of history projects was to make an Egypt cake. I didn't do it back when we were supposed to because we had so many Christmas cookies. So yesterday we broke out the cake mix and set to work. It was fun and a great way to learn about Egypt!

Little Man was the first one to frost the cake. I did the Nile River and the Mediterranean Sea.
Princess was not too impressed that she wasn't first. Notice her rolling her eyes.

Princess having her turn

Notice the little fingers trying to get at the frosting! That boy was a mess and into everything!

Cuddly Boy helping out. The other two complained because he made a mess of it, mixing the two colors (it was one of THOSE days)!
I said I wanted a picture with all of them with the cake. Princess wanted one with JUST her. She was not too happy. She had quite the attitude yesterday as you can see by her face.
The finished cake:
Enjoying their taste of Egypt!


Anonymous said...

I want a piece of Egypt! Smile P, you are beautiful but not showing it on the outside right now. Boys had fun anyway. Nanny

Anonymous said...

How fun! Someday, Princess will think those pics. w/her copping attitude are funny. :-) I'm sure a lot of people would've LOVED History a lot more, if they were getting to make/have cake as part of the lesson!

DDK23 said...

LOL, that is to funny, and typical with siblings!

Brandi said...

Too cute. . .what a fun mom you are! And tasty too!


Anonymous said...

We use MOH too and I have not gotten around to doing this activity either. Looks like lots of fun! Cake and history is always a winner!

momanna98 said...

What a neat idea. We will have to do that since we are studying Egypt as well.

Jodie said...

LOL cute. Poor P. I've been having one of those days all week.

Rebecca said...

Cute....looks like a fun project!

Amie said...

Fun and delicious!