Saturday, January 12, 2008

The post with lots of ( ) and links

For Christmas Zach got an electronic dartboard. For the record, Mom, he said he thinks its the best gift he's ever gotten from you guys. So after we both burned off some calories on the treadmill (I went 2 miles) we played darts. I was much better last night than the first time we'd played! I won 4 out of 11 games. Not bad, huh? So now I'm thinking I'd like to turn our tiny playroom that doesn't get played in too often into a playroom for us! I'd like to get an overstuffed chair or a loveseat and a little TV to put in there (both used of course, I want to check our local freecycle). I think it would make a great place to play or study.

After feeling like I was so lazy yesterday (besides going my 2 miles), I had a productive day today. I folded clothes and got them put away (they'd been there since Thursday- are you shocked Canaan), went through the boys toys, vacuumed half of the upstairs (Princess did the rest) and did a few other little odds and ends around home.

I had to make a trip to W*Mart (I've only been there ONE time since we've gotten back from Michigan if you can believe it) today and I also wanted to do something special with one of the kiddos. Princess and Little Man rarely have the chance to use their Book It coupons so I thought I'd take them for pizza. It was so much fun! They were excited to order their own kind of pizza- P got bacon and LM pineapple. Then it was off to do some shopping.

Princess helped me cook dinner (Cincinnati Style Chili- my recipe is a bit different from this). In college I spent two of my Spring Breaks at Mt. Mission School (if you click on their site you can hear great music from their choir) in Grundy Virginia. On the way we stopped in Cincinnati and ate the best 'chili' ever! After dinner Princess and I put our rotting bananas to good use and made Banana Bread. I think I found a new recipe (in HER cookbook). This bread is way better than the recipe I've been using for the past 8 years!

Recently Rebecca posted about her daughter's cute mispronunciations. I love the way my Cuddly Boy mispronounces things. He says 'wubbo me'. He loves his belly, leg, arm to be rubbed as he falls asleep. He likes to watch 'partoons' which are Cartoons. He liked my boonana bread. There are so many more but I can't think right now. It's late and this post is long enough! Hope I didn't bore y'all to death (I was just trying to pass time while Zach watched football all day...oh yeah way to go Packers).


Erica said...

If you guys are serious about wanting another TV, we have one here that needs a home. It's a 27" TV. If you're interested, e-mail me at

Erica said...

Wanted to clarify that we would give it to you, not sell it.

Rebecca said... it! Your columns are overlapping on my monitor...not sure if it's jus tmy computer or if the size parameters for your blog are set for a winder monitor than mine...thought you'd want to know.

Rebecca said...

When will I learn to spell check!? Wider, not winder.

Brandi said...

I think Darts sound fun! Way to go with winning 4 games. .pretty soon you'll be beating him every time. You need to start putting nap times to better use by practicing!


PBJCJ said...

Hey girl! I miss chatting with you - I need to get my lazy behind online and on the phone more often! It sounds like you guys are having fun. Paul and I have started playing more games/reading together, etc too and its a blast. Who knew? LOL Oh, 'boonuna bread' is a favorite at our house as well - too cute! Love ya!

Jodie said...

Sounds like you've been having a good time. I love my treadmill, so any day that includes time on the treadmill has to be an ok day. ;)

I think the little bookit pizza time was cute too. Sometimes its actually fun to go out eat with your kids.