Sunday, January 27, 2008

You Could Hear a Pin Drop

Cuddly Boy has a cold so he and I stayed home from Awana tonight. It was so quiet with only one child in the house that I swear you could hear a pin drop! I tried to set up a video game for him that Zach has on the laptop but I couldn't figure it out. So we played Lego's, talked to Nanny, watched a bit of TV and ate a snack. It was so weird with just him, but it was really nice and enjoyable. And because I stayed home from church I'm able to watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I love that show and can't keep a dry eye when watching it- and I barely get to watch it since I'm on my way home from church at that time. It isn't over yet so I better go and finish it! So much for being too much of a bookworm today;)


Jodie said...

Sometimes just seeing the commercials for EHM make me tear up. :)

Anonymous said...

That is how the quiet is at my house most of the time! Mom

Risa said...

I watch that show whenever I get a chance as well. I really like that a lot of the families that they help homeschool their children.

Brandi said...

It's amazing how quiet it can be when you take a kid away. I say that now when I only have 2 and used to say it when I just had 1.

Sometimes, I think I should pretend I have 5 kids so that my 3 will feel like a breeze!


Amie said...

I saw a snippet of EHM this week. Looked like a good one.

The boys got their mail from princess, so cute! They're up on the fridge.

And yes, your on my list for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie!
I kind'a found my way here from Risa's blogg. It's great seeing photos of the kids and how they have grown! Between your mom and Grandam I hear all about them and how Grandma (my ma) enjoyed seeing you all at Christmas!
Well, keep hugging them because they do grow up so fast! The girls are 11 and 14 now. Lydia is bigger then I am now and Zoe soon will be!
Love Aunt Suzy