Monday, January 14, 2008

Through the Lens of a Child

Little Man got a camera for Christmas. He likes to delete photos and I know there were some good ones and some funny ones he took but I don't have them. Well he was taking pictures of me 'working' today so I thought I'd snatch that camera and see what he had. Just thought I'd show you a glimpse of his photography!

Princess working hard!
The TV? Notice its on Animal Planet!
This was me working...vacuuming the stairs. It seems to be never ending because the carpeting is yucky blue. (Proof that I'm not lazy!)
His view of the lamp/kitchen?
hmm....I guess the shoes weren't put away like normal!
I look like such a grouch in this picture. Notice I'm wearing a Packer shirt. Not sure what my deal was or if I was deeply engrossed in the game (not really).
He is caught! Cuddly boy doing things he is NOT supposed to do! Shame on you boy!
Stay tuned tomorrow for something we made in school today.


Brandi said...

too funny. . .with enough encouragment, he could be your new
"nanny cam"! ha ha! I don't think his siblings will like it if they start getting in trouble from pics he took!


Choppzs said...

I was gonna say the same thing, you get him to be your spy! lol But then again, he may catch you doing something that you don't want everyone to see! lol

Melissa said...

That is so funny!

Erica said...

Adorable! How lucky to have one "on the inside" keeping and eye on things for you! LOL I really enjoyed this post.

Jodie said...

Those pictures were so funny. He doesn't do half bad. Most of them are centered even. :)

Anonymous said...

Those were so neat! I especially love the one w/him incriminating himself. :-) We have some pics. that Dean took when he was about 3yrs. old, and I'll always treasure those.........Their perspective is so cute at that age.

See ya!

Amie said...

You have a budding photographer! I love seeing pics that kids take.