Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How CAN it be January?

When the person behind our house is MOWING their lawn!?!? And its been in the 70s. It just doesn't seem like January, ya know? I have windows open today!

We began our normal school routine yesterday. It is nice to be getting back to 'normal' (if there is a normal). We read about Samson in History today and the kids are drawing a picture of him. Then we will move on to Math. We have friends coming to visit this afternoon but the kiddos don't know yet. They'll be thrilled to play with their friends!

Well they're finishing up so I better get ready for Math time!


Jodie said...

That would so weird to have green grass and warm air right now.

Totally forgot about the paperback swap. Thanks.

Erica said...

The weather is pretty wacky. I'm just now getting caught up so I wanted to say congrats on the car!

paige said...

um... *cough* ... i am too jealous to read any more of your blog. I thought my ears were going to fall off when i went outside today... Going to find a conversion chart for Celcius to see what temp it is there.

Anonymous said...

We just read about Samson today, too. We arm-wrestled as our project. :-) Dean was really tough to beat, and I could only beat Jay left-handed (as I'm left-handed and he's not), my guys are almost men!!!

I like the new look for your site, it looks "springy", and it certainly has been feeling like spring out hasn't it?

I was talking w/my NE. dwelling brother today, and mentioning something about "when winter sets in", and he laughed, as winter IS happening there.

Okay, this is getting too long for a blog comment, so I'll sign off-----------We missed you at "park day" today, I pray that tomorrow is a much better day for you, in JESUS Awesome Name---Amen!