Monday, February 25, 2008

Those Wonderful Pregnancy Dreams

They just won't leave me! A few nights ago I had a dream about one of our neighbors. I don't know this guy but I've seen him in passing. Well, he drove by our house in his truck and yelled some profanity at my husband. Zach, in turn, flipped the guy off. He came in and later felt pretty guilty so went down to the guy's house to apologize and soon the men were fast friends. The guy's wife or mother (not sure who she was, she was older and a bit haggish looking) soon tried to befriend me but she annoyed me and was so weird! Fast forward and for some reason I'm at my Grandma's house with the whole family (and my 50 something year old uncle has like 2 year old kids)! I'm not sure if we lived there or were just staying there but I went to bed and who was in the bed with Zach but this man and lady! I was so mad that these 'nasty' people were sleeping with us and Zach couldn't understand why!

Saturday night I had a dream that I was at the Copper Country Mall back home (I was shopping with Princess). I saw this one family from our church and was talking to them. Sheli was going to get her hair done. Well, at the end of the dream we were all walking out at the same time and I met up with them and we were chatting walking to our cars (though mine was on the other side of the parking lot). For some reason we were at the back of the lot past all the cars and all of a sudden there were police cars and an ambulance. This short man was all wrapped up in like an ace bandage, apparently dead. I remember Sheli saying she was a doctor and asking the cop, "Is that Gary Manis" to which the cop replied it was. I was wondering at this point who on earth Gary Manis was (and why do I still remember his name???) when I looked at there was a moving type truck that belonged to Gary Manis. It had some picture on the side, said his name and said something about him being a healer or something (I don't think he was a good healer). It was so weird! And why do I still remember this name? Finally I looked online and found this picture of a trucker named Gary Manis! Weird!

I know I had a couple of weird dreams last night too but don't remember the details. I think something about there being pounding on my door or something and I couldn't wake up to save myself! Who knows what will be in store tonight! I don't remember having this vivid of dreams before, although I know I have. I just don't remember remembering so many details! Crazy (but good) hormones.


Melissa said...

LOL, I've always had crazy dreams like even when I'm not pregnant. Weird that you remembered his name and found somebody online with the same name and is a trucker. WEIRD! Have a good night! ha! Hopefully without more crazy dreams.

Leslie said...

I've been having crazy pregnancy dreams too... really vivid, and I can remember them the next morning, which is unusual.

Amie said...

I love weird dreams. I haven't been to the Copper Country Mall in ages!

Brandi said...

You are crazy! Crazy hilarious!

Love ya,

Wethyb said...

I had some strange dreams when I was preggers with Princess, but they were pretty normal with Baby Girl.

Becky said...

Hi Jamie,
I thought I had your email address, but I don't.

I wanted to write you and see how your doctor visit went. I also wondered if you'd like details on the Doppler we got. Pat got me a Stork Radio with the LCD screen that counts the heartbeat and it only cost him $130. I know that is a lot during an adoption process, but it has been such a great thing for my peace level, and we plan to resell it after the baby is born. Let me know if you want to know more.

I'm glad to hear you are having those crazy pregnancy dreams. That means those hormones are going strong!

Becky A.

Risa said...

Gary Manis is my friend's husbands name! He's not a little man though and he doesn't drive a truck - and he's not a healer! LOL I'm going to email her and tell her to read your blog! That's too funny!