Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two annoying things right now

First of all we got our cable bill. It was up from $65 to $93!!! I knew we'd had a '6 month special' but didn't know it would go up so much. You see when we moved into this house we decided to get cable TV in addition to our internet. So they gave us a special. Well, its been 6 months so the special ended. I called to see about getting a reduced rate again. We have faithfully paid our bill every month for 3 1/2 years! When we had only internet I think our bill was about $20-30. You would think that after being such a faithful customer that they'd reduce rates a bit. Ugh, it really irritates me. So it looks like we'll be getting rid of our cable (I just hope we still have those bunny ears lying around so we can get American Idol).

The other annoying thing? Pencils. Doesn't that sound silly? You know those fancy pencils that have cute designs on them? The ones the kids love? They do NOT sharpen! I tell you those yellow #2 pencils are so much better- at least they sharpen! I must have sat here for 10 minutes trying to sharpen one of Princess' brand new pencils. I had to quit or the thing would have been a stub! Stupid pencils!

Can you tell I'm pregnant? Such stupid irritations;) Well the other thing that is irritating me at this moment is that my children are not listening to me and doing their school work so off to supervise. Oh and I'm also frustrated at the stupid spell check not working. So that's more than 2 annoying things...sue me;)


Amie said...

I've had some issues with pencils too. I agree, the plain old gold ones seem to be the best.

Alward Family said...

Is that the problem with those darn pencils? I tried to sharpen my son's sports pencils from Valentine's Day and it took forever with an electric sharpener. Thanks for bringing this up since I thought it was just me!


Risa said...

I have the same problem with those plastic coted pencils! I hate them and of course the kids love them! They just can't understand why I can't seem to get them sharp enough to use!

Melissa said...

I know exactly what you're talking about with the stupid cable company and those stinking pencils. I HATE those fancy pencils! The kids love'em but they do not sharpen, and the fancy coating just peels right off. Plain old #2 are the best. The cable company might offer another special to keep you from cancelling. I wish it wasn't so expensive!

DDK23 said...

Funny, I am on the pencil hate bandwagon too. The leads break so easily and when you do eventually get them somewhat sharpened it dulls out quickly. We use pencils around here a lot for Sudukos and Kakuros.....oh and don't get me started on the fancy pencil erasers those are bad too!

Anonymous said...

Alright, everyone's commented on the pencils. I don't like them either. That's why I have a Velveeta cheese box full of them. On another note, I've got a kid not listening to me either. I wonder if it's the time of year or something. Ali is terrible and just out right ignores me. Darn kids. Gotta love them though.