Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Daily Funnies

We've been watching the news a lot in our house. My children have heard all the hype about 'Super Tuesday' and Little Man has been asking about it and what it is. This morning he says, "Yeah, its Super Tuesday and we get to go to Pump It Up!" It was so funny! As if he really understands what Super Tuesday is all about!

We went to lunch with friends after our play time. While eating I said something about Princess' hair being dirty blonde. She said, "Uh, Mom my hair is NOT dirty blonde. I wash it every night in the shower!" My friend and I got a good laugh out of that one!

Cuddly boy hasn't said much funny out of the ordinary today but he's worn out from playing this morning and awfully cuddly. I love it!


Brandi said...

Too funny! Keep writing those down!

Love ya,

Jodie said...

LOL Poor P. And I'm so with LM; Super Tuesday would have been way more fun if it included a trip to pump it up. Funny, before I had kids I had no idea "pump it up" was a place and not just a saying.

Missy said...

Hey Mamma san, Tag, you're it. Check out my blog for details but place all blame on dear Brandi.
Love ya,

Amie said...

I can imagine it might be a little dismaying to hear your hair referred to as "dirty blond" as a young girl LOL