Tuesday, December 15, 2009

busy, busy

I guess I *do* have time to blog if I can facebook but it's so much easier to facebook! I only have a minute to blog now. First to say that we saw deer today on the way to the chiropractor in a field. My kids were surprised and Hannah exclaimed, "Mom, are those deer??? I didn't know there were deer in Iowa!" I'm not sure if she only thought there were deer in Michigan or what! Silly girl!

Speaking of the chiropractor, I asked if I can stop going once a week. Now that it's winter its just more difficult. He said he's seen improvement and that I should be able to go to every other week. YES! He also said he noticed this week was 'worse' and said maybe it was from something I did. I told him I shoveled, so I'm sure it was from that. No more shoveling for me as I don't want to mess my back up any more!

We went to the library. It is connected to one of the middle schools. I know how busy it is in that area at that time of day but normally don't get 'stuck' in it. I thought we'd venture to the Dollar Tree afterwards and boy did we get stuck in school traffic! It made me thankful that I homeschool and don't have to deal with 'messes' like that every day!

Ok, must go eat and run to the grocery store, read our book for small group tomorrow night, fold laundry from yesterday and put it away, give baths...the list is endless.

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Kim said...

I find myself more on facebook now too, but I still like to blog