Tuesday, December 08, 2009

singing 'those' songs

I could keep singing, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" and it will continue to do just that. We're supposed to get 10-14 inches by tomorrow morning! It's been snowing pretty much all day. The kids played in it yesterday and now already today. Zach came home from work early due to the weather. It doesn't even 'look' bad out my window but I know that doesn't mean the roads are good. I'm sure they're not. I don't remember hearing a snow plow go by at all yet today and its 3:30! And it has been snowing pretty much all day. I went out last night and shoveled. Every other house on my side of the street had their sidewalks shoveled off and I guess it's rather embarrassing not to have ours! So, I am paying for it today- I'm sore. That's it, I don't plan on doing too much of that job. That's a mans job! LOL I made my kiddos hot cocoa two days in a row and they're getting quite spoiled by that! I hope they don't expect it every time they play in the snow! Abby's been quite enthralled with it, the first night it started snowing she just kept moving the curtain and looking at it! Daisy isn't too afraid of it and actually was playing out there with the kids! She blends right in with that snow! lol I can't believe it's almost dinner time, I just want to curl up and relax on this snowy day.


Sherry said...

We are getting tons of snow too! I don't mind though ~ it usually puts me into holiday mode, though this year I can't quite get into it, but I'm trying. Darci's girls always want hot cocoa too after they play outdoors. I'm afraid that I started that when Jessa was little. I agree ~ shoveling is a man's job! I've had to do it a few times already but it's just the light fluffy snow so it's not so bad. Thankfully we have a plow so there is not a lot to shovel.

Kim said...

Wow that is alot of snow especially when you barely got any last year. I shoveled today too. We have a big sidewalk on the side of our house(the great benefits of living on the corner) and I had to shovel all the way down, and boy did my back hurt. I could barely stand up straight when I was done. Yes it is defintiely a mans job. I think I I got some frost bite or something on my chin too.