Wednesday, December 09, 2009

snow day!

I guess I should blog about all the snow we got! It is just crazy! Last winter we got like no snow and I really didn't think we'd get much, even though they predicted this storm. Last year it seemed like they'd hype up some big storm but it never got real bad. Well baby, was this a storm! Wow! Blowing snow just everywhere! There was so much snow it was crazy! Yet in spots you see the bare ground because of the blowing! Huge drifts. We were all pretty amazed this morning and to be quite honest I wanted to have a snow day too. We did history and a spelling test and called it a day! Zach shoveled out there and then one of the neighbors was going up and down the street with a front-end loader! He cleared out most of the driveways, which was awesome! I may not *like* our *small* house (although I am thankful for it), but I sure do love our neighborhood!

Speaking of neighborhoods, my friend from MS messaged me on facebook last night. On our old street in military housing there were 5 cop cars, an ambulance and first responder (maybe a fire truck too, I don't remember). Apparently the neighbors said the couple had been fighting lately. Somebody said they thought they saw them come out with a body bag. Hmm...I wonder if I'll hear any more on that.

Everywhere we live we draw the 'record' weather (here we had record snow today) and it seems something freaky happens in a neighborhood. Our Ocean Springs house (you may remember me blogging about this at the time) they found a lady had committed suicide in a garage of a house she cleaned. It was a brand new house that was for sale. I remember walking by it and smelling something weird before she was discovered! In NC on the next street over some guy hung himself (in base housing). I can't recall what happened in ND but I'm sure there was something (maybe you can recall something Kim or Jamie). And I really hope nothing weird happens here!

Anyway, the kids loved the snow. I stayed indoors all day! I was rather lazy, but we're allowed some slack once in awhile, right?


Kim said...

I love seeing the snow but really hate going out in it. Stay warm. How bizarre that the neighbors saw a body bag or something. That is freaky to think about.Let us know if you hear more about that. I cant remember anything happening in Minot while you lived there. Oh and I forgot to mention about the snow, How wonderful you have a great neighbors to pitch in and help everyone out. Sounds like a really great neighborhood.

Sherry said...

We got dumped on too ~ school was cancelled today. We also have great neighbors and I am very thankful for them. One of them plowed our drive before we even got up this a.m. and another called this afternoon to make sure we were ok. Paul did get our plow truck fixed but it's nice to know that we have help if we need it. Our neighbor across the street plows our place a lot too because he has no place to put his snow other than our back yard, lol. We don't mind ~ it makes great hills for the kids to play on!

How creepy about the body bag ~ I guess you never know what goes on behind closed doors. It's sad that people live with all of that fighting, etc.

I am OK said...

I think Minot was pretty mild when we were there. It was really cold but never had that two feet of snow people always talked about. I love snow - for a little while anyway. My parents in Massachusetts have started their season with abundance and are already tired of it. Ha, ha. Ours is already melted.It doesn't last long here. Awesome that your neighbors are so thoughtful and obviously hard working! I was the shoveler for my neighbors doing all the side walks, but it isn't hard when you only have a few inches :P)