Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Grand Harbor Resort

Before Christmas we'd talked about taking a mini-vacation during Zach's 'free' time off of work during Christmas break. I'd looked online for a few things to do but it wasn't until after Christmas that we decided to go ahead and do SOMETHING. So, here we are in Dubuque, Iowa at the Grand Harbor Resort & indoor waterpark! We arrived yesterday and will leave tomorrow. A nice little bit of time away from home! I have to tell you that the pictures make the place look way nicer than what it is. It isn't the worst I've seen, but certainly not as nice as the pictures. We're in a Double Junior Suite (or something like that) and to me it just doesn't look like how the pictures show it! I guess resorts have that issue though. So many families probably come and go out of this place. It was the same way years ago at a resort we stayed at in Myrtle Beach.

Right now Zach and the three older kids are down playing. Abby has been really, really, REALLY fussy! I think she's getting a couple of more teeth. It's really getting on my nerves, especially when I had a headache earlier and all I wanted was some quiet! And all she wanted was me, yet she'd get me and then not want me! Here I'm trying to wean her, and I'm not really sure how to go about it, and all she wants is the boob. Grrr. So I'm hoping with the quiet she'll take a nice nap and I'll get some peace. I also hope they're down there for awhile. I went down with Hannah for awhile, as I hadn't gotten to go on the slides and really wanted to try them. My monthly 'friend' decided to come a few days ago so I haven't been able to enjoy everything as much as I wanted. Anyway, go figure that Abby was fine when I was gone but as soon as I walk in the door she is whining like crazy.

I totally didn't mind not going on the slides, it was so fun walking around with Abby. I just held her hand and had her dictate where we went and it was fun to see her explore! She'd stomp in the water, try to avoid the spraying water and then eventually went and stuck her face right in it! They have a little 1 ft. kiddie 'pool' so we splashed in there for awhile. It was so fun to see her fascination with it all! It was also cute when the kids were getting ready to go down a bit ago how Abby grabbed her suit and was carrying it around! She wanted to go play too! But I opted to keep her up here. She needs the rest and for some reason that place gives me a headache (I'm getting another one). Not sure if its all the chaos, the chlorine or a combination.

Well, I'm sure I had more I was going to say but stinker girl isn't being as cooperative as I would've liked and I really want to read more of my book. Please pray for safe travels for us tomorrow. It's been snowing today so I hope the roads are good for our 3 hr trek home!

Oh, one other thing...there's a restaurant attached to the hotel. Which meant no continental breakfast. Breakfast almost cost as much as dinner last night at Tony Roma's. The food was alright, not the best and not the worst and the service was terrible. We opted to no longer eat there while we're here!


Sherry said...

I hope your headache went away! It's nice that you guys got to get away for a few days. Sometimes those "mini vacations" are just what the doctor ordered. I know what you mean about breakfast costing so much at hotels ~ I always try to stay where there is continental breakfast, lol. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay!

Kim said...

Thats really nice you guys got to get away for a couple of days. Your headache was probably from the chlorine. I know those waterparks wreak of chlorine. Sometimes its just cheaper to buy donuts and chocolate milk from a little gas station instead of buying breakfast at those restaurants. They are a big rip off. Have a safe trip back

I am OK said...

Boy was I behind on your blog. I totally missed this post. How cool for you guys to pick up and go like that. I love hotel vacations. The water park sounded like fun. I hope Abby was able to enjoy it :P)