Saturday, December 26, 2009

Celebrate Jesus

We had a very good Christmas. It was so relaxing. Hannah awoke about 5 and came into my room. I made her lay in bed with us. She was whispering how she woke at 3 but went back to bed. I couldn't sleep well that night either, but not because of 'Santa' but because the rain was slamming against our bedroom windows. She also told me she thought she heard Santa's boots on the kitchen floor! Ok? It's crazy. We tell our kid's there's no Santa and yet they still 'believe' in him. I don't even write 'from Santa' on the presents, but Mom & Dad and yet they still talk about Santa. Oh well. I don't care, I know it's fun to 'believe' as a kid, but we do continue to tell them there's no such thing.

Anyway, Abby finally starting stirring after 6:30 and by that time Gabe was in our bed too so we got up. I know the kids were very excited. They all went by the tree and were grabbing at gifts that had their name on them and so Abby went over and grabbed a box so that she could have something to open too :) It sure didn't take the kids long to dig into and open those gifts! Even Abby was having fun. She wanted her toys out of their boxes right away! She sure loves her toys- a 'singing' purse, a mailbox, a phone, some baby dolls, a laptop. Hannah had kept asking about this one gift that had been in my closet and then was under the tree for awhile. She wanted to know whose it was but I never would tell her. Finally she found out it was hers. I had double wrapped it. She was so excited to get the American Doll bed she'd really wanted (thanks Nanny). It sure is a cute bed!

The boys were thrilled to get all sorts of different types of Lego's and Bionicle's! I didn't see them a whole lot as they were in the basement building their things. Josiah got a space police thing, a house and some Bionicle's. Gabe got Pirate Lego's, some K'Nex thing and some Bionicle's. Zach spoiled me with some Willow Tree figures. He got me one called Brothers with two boys together (Josiah & Gabe). He got me this little girl holding a balloon that he said is Abby and a girl with a book that he said is Hannah. It was thoughtful!

I took a nap with Abby on the couch, read and just relaxed all day. I made a later dinner of lasagna and then made Peanut Blossom cookies for Zach (they're his favorite and I'd been wanting to make them). That is one nice thing about not having people over for Christmas is you can just relax. I didn't really miss my family too much like I normally do! It was just wonderfully quiet and peaceful. Isn't that what Christmas should be? Too many people stress out about it!

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas also! Oh yeah, Christmas Eve we were supposed to go to church but the weather hadn't been too well so we decided to stay home. Good thing we did as it was cancelled anyway! We stayed home, sang some Christmas songs together and then on Christmas we read the Christmas story.


Becca said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas....sounds so relaxing! We had lasagna my sister's. This year I decided I want the Willow Tree nativity set....haven't gotten it yet tho...maybe next year. ;) I don't have any WT pieces....but they're cute.

I am OK said...

Merry Christmas! So glad you were able to enjoy.