Saturday, December 19, 2009

wine & cheese

So, today is Zach's birthday. Happy birthday to him. He had to go into work as they had commissioning. I thought he wanted to rent a movie but apparently there was nothing good at Redbox. I wanted the kids in bed at 8. When he was gone the boys were just little stinkers and I just wanted to relax with Zach and watch a movie. Well instead, here I sit in my freezing cold room with Abby sleeping next to me (although now she just sat up and farted) while he watches a movie with the kids (Star Trek). I'm so not a Trekkie. I know it's his birthday. I guess I should have sucked it up and watched it with him and maybe, just maybe I would have if the kids weren't going to also. So, I'm whining. Just because I can. So, I sit in my cold room on a Saturday night like a woman with no life. I should read or something, but nope...I be bored.

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I am OK said...

LOL - Sometimes you just can't win. Yesterday we were snowed in and for a while C and I were playing games and then dancing and being goofy. We thought S was doing homework but when we went upstairs we found him taking a NAP! The stinker was too busy to have fun. Men can't really seem to do what we want. Stinkers. LOL