Monday, May 24, 2010

11 years!?!

Saturday we celebrated our 11 year anniversary! It is crazy to believe its been that long! Wow, where has the time gone! We went to America's Incredible Pizza for lunch. It's like a Chuck e Cheese, only better in my opinion. I have to admit our 'waitress' was very annoying. She must have had some sort of disability, but she wouldn't stop talking to us while we were trying to eat and she was just hovering over Zach's shoulder. I'd be talking to Zach and she'd just come up and interrupt! Very annoying! Then she said something about tips. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to tip you if you're going to start talking about getting good tips, especially when there are two long tables reserved for a birthday party- I'm sure you can get your tip that way!

I had probably about $30 left over from the last time we were there, before it opened to the public and we got the game cards for free so we didn't have to buy much in game cards! Zach and the three older kids did 2 go kart races and I took Abby on some little kid rides and did some little kiddie games with her. She got a kick out of throwing the was supposed to go in the fishes mouth but she just liked throwing it in the cage! I enjoyed watching her excitement over it! Last time we went all she could do was sit on some tiny carousel with one of her siblings! Zach and the kids had fun playing Guitar Hero. Zach's been wanting to buy it for quite some time, but I keep insisting we don't need it so he hasn't gotten it yet! I like the skee ball game and we all played some others as well. Zach and I also did a basketball 'competition'. We sure had a good time!

We ran to Toys R Us and got a slide for Abby. Since the other kids have grown up we've slowly gotten rid of the outdoor toddler toys, especially with moving! So she hasn't had much to play on in the backyard. She sure likes her slide!

I called the babysitter and Zach and I went out to dinner. We went to Outback and I'm so glad we did. I probably hadn't been there in almost two years. Oh yum, it was SOOO good! I ate ALL my salad, a bunch of bread, all my loaded baked potato and my steak (I think it was 10 oz)! Our waitress was awesome and then brought us a free dessert which I ate myself (Zach was like 'yuck' to the brownie)! We hadn't even told her it was our anniversary, she just said for being fun, good customers! Awesome! After than we walked around Home Depot, just looking at things we'd never buy and dreaming of bigger and better things that we really don't need! We also went to Wal-Mart and got a few groceries and then came home. We got the kids to bed and it was such a gorgeous evening we sat outside on our upstairs deck! What a wonderful day! Unfortunately the food I all gulped down didn't settle too well though!

Please keep me in your prayers. Lately I just have some anxiety over my pregnancy. I feel like its been awhile since I've been to the doctor and just worry a bit. I feel like I haven't gained weight in awhile, actually I feel like maybe I lost some (not sure if I did but I'm not sure how that would be possible seeing as I eat all the time). I would think that by now I'd be bigger and be feeling the baby's flutters but really I don't so I am just concerned. I go to the doctor June 2 and have my ultrasound and I'll be 18 weeks then. So please pray I have peace. And pray I feel my baby's movements!!!

We got an estimate on getting our basement completed but I'm not sure we will. As much as it would be nice I just don't think it'd be wise to spend THAT amount of money on something, especially not knowing how long we'll be here. We wish we'd get an answer on if Zach will get that other job or not as it'd give us somewhat of an idea of when we'd move (could be a year if he gets it, if not we could be here for 2 to 3 more). As much as I like Iowa and don't want to move there are reasons I DO want to move too! We have friends here, good neighbors, a good church and I like the weather (for the most part, I'm getting sick of the wind). We also live in a great town and really like the area. On the other hand, our house is so small and I would love to live in base housing again (dude we could have a 2 car garage plus our house could be doubled in size if we lived on base)! I miss having a military community around us. And I'm always ready for new adventures, to see new places! It's all in God's hands though! We'll just see what happens!

Today I've done some school outside with the kids, we ate lunch out there and then I put the sprinkler going. Now Zach aired up the pool and is filling that up. I bought what I thought was our normal one we get what seems to be every year but this thing is way bigger. It will be nice in ways, but not in other ways...especially with Abby, I didn't want something too big. The kids are having a blast though! I should either be outside in the sun or getting some much needed housework done, but first I wanted to update you again :) Thanks for reading!


Kim said...

Congrats on the 11 years. Sounds like you had wonderful anniversary. That place does sound cooler than chuck e cheese. That would of been so annoying w/ that waitress interrupting and hanging over you guys shoulders. Jess absolutley hates when waitresses do that. I will definitley keep in my prayers. I am absolutely sure everything is fine. I know w/ what you experienced in the past must scare you and Im sure when you go to the Dr's it will just feel so much better hearing that little baby. Just for some reassurance if it helps you, when I was pregnant w/ Jalynn I didnt feel her move or flutter until I was 2o weeks along and I had pulled a ligament in my back and all I could do was lay down so I finally started feeling her move. I think she may of been moving before that but being that I was so busy on my feet and busy w/ the other kids I guess I really didnt notice it. I thought too w/ it being my third pregnancy I would of felt her way before I felt the other ones move. So dont worry. Im sure everything will be ok

Amie said...

Sounds like a fun day!

I imagine you will be feeling some flutters any day now.

I am OK said...

I love when families celebrate events together. It is so sweet that you all had such a good time, and then took your own time. I had to laugh that you went to home depot and walmart - I heard a report on the news that more than half of married couple go there on date night. LOL.

I'll be praying for you. Lots and lots and lots. Any chance you can get that appointment moved up?