Friday, May 28, 2010

Holiday Weekends

Can be so overrated. I get so depressed. We don't have our family around to spend time with. We miss out on family events. Then I feel like we're just losers and loners. Seriously, its not just the hormones either because this always happens. I get to thinking about all the people we know. How come we never get together with them? I can't even remember the last time we've been invited to somebody's house as a family, aside from Bible study! I want to think it was within our first 3 months of living here and we've been here almost 2 years. It makes me sad. I LOVE to have people over and I admit we haven't done it as often with moving in, having Abby, settling in, Zach gone, winter and morning sickness. But we have had some people over. We've tried to have others. And I don't want to feel like people need to 'reciprocate' as that isn't true hospitality. It would just feel nice to feel loved once in awhile. I suppose we have 'too many kids' and that is a 'deterrent'. Sometimes being a military family is SO HARD. And living here in Iowa, not a lot of people understand the whole military card. Most are from here and have family nearby or have lived here for a long time and have their 'roots'. Sigh.

Then let's move on to my daughter. I feel SO bad for her. We have quite a few little girls in the neighborhood, all about her age. She used to play with the twins across the street quite often last summer but hasn't really had a chance to yet this spring. A gal down the street, K, she plays with the most, but that doesn't always happen either. And I see all these girls riding their bikes together, playing and I feel bad that Hannah is left out. Now, there's been a few times when I've told her to go on out but by the time she gets out there they're gone on another street or inside! She hasn't told me anything about how she feels, but I'm sure she feels it! I feel it as her Mama (and Miss Sensitive One)! I really, really, REALLY wish I could find a good friend or two for her! I think it is so important for girls to have close (GODLY) friends! I need to pray about this for her more often...

Ok, so that's all heavy on my heart tonight. Meanwhile, Abby is sleeping next to me in my bed. She had a fever a couple of days ago and has since been sleeping with us! Bad habit! Her appetite has been a bit weird, but today was improved so I'm not sure what's going on (although I did notice this evening that her throat looked red). The other kids are sleeping out in the tent with daddy in the backyard!! Fun for them! I hope they have a good time and stay out there all night! I don't want my sleep interrupted! I had a busy day of teaching and finished cleaning the basement and I just want some SLEEP!

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Kim said...

I feel the same way. I get like that too around the holidays whether they a minor or major ones. Still just to think of all your family getting together and your not there. Hope Hannah finds a good friend. Im the same way w/ my kids.I get super sensitive when I see my kids feelings get hurt or when some other kid is being mean to them and not including them while the play w/ other kids. Hope Abby feels better.