Monday, May 17, 2010


So I WAS doing good blogging there for awhile, but then I guess I hit a rut. Actually I hadn't been on my computer much at all last week. When I needed to get online I'd just go on my iPod. It was actually nice as I didn't waste a bunch of time online! Speaking of iPods, yesterday we went to Best Buy and I checked out the iPad. Totallly cool! I had to get on this morning to do bills so here I've been on off and on all day while also teaching. It has been a LONG, LONG Monday in our house! I am so ready for school to be over and done with. I'm getting annoyed with it!

Let's see if I can hit on some highlights...I can't remember if I mentioned how Hannah got Abby to poop on the potty! Then Saturday Zach put her on her potty while I was getting ready for the day. She was kinda toddling around without a diaper up in our room for awhile and when he went to put her diaper on her he noticed her leg was wet on top. I looked and there was pee in her potty!!! I know I really should be working with her more but I seriously do not have time to do that right now. It is after 3 pm and we've been doing school since 9 this morning and we're not done. I need school to be done for the summer and then I'll tackle potty training! I feel like my housework is falling by the wayside and it is driving me crazy. I'm also trying to get ready for our yard sale. Yesterday I got most of the clothes sorted into sizes and priced so that was nice. I sure hope I make some money off of that thing or I'll be mad!

Pregnancy is going well. I normally don't feel too sick anymore, although I still am constantly starving! Especially at night! I can't believe in just a little over 2 weeks we'll find out the sex of the baby. I can't believe I even want to know this time around! I only want to know to have the proper clothing for him/her...otherwise I LOVE the surprise at the end! I still feel like its a boy, but I could be wrong about that! I thought Gabe was a girl the whole pregnancy and I remember walking through the hospital as I was going up to L&D and saying to Zach, "What if it IS a boy?" LOL

Ok, some boy is NOT working on his math even though I am sitting RIGHT next to him. I have NO idea what to do about how easily he is distracted...I am just at my ropes end with him. Did I mention it took him like 2 hours this morning to do 12 problems on his math sheet and he got them ALL wrong??? So, now he's sitting here redoing that sheet! I need a vacation!


I am OK said...

Man, yard sales are so much work. What's funny is a lot of times the stuff isn't stuff I want to just give to the unknown, but then once noon hits I am ready to throw it all in a near by dumpster! LOL.

Abby - potty training already. You are ambitious!

Keep up all the good work, School will be over soon.

Kim said...

Maybe you wont have to worry about potty training Abby, maybe Hannah will do it for you. That would be nice. I think your having a boy too. Cant wait for you to find out. Im ready for school to be out to then again I hate the thoughts of hearing all that fighting that will take place. Hope you do well w. your yard sale

Becca said...

I like the new background! Re: The iPad...a former co-worker of mine said that guys must have come up with the name cuz all she can think of when she hears it is feminine now that's all I can too.
You do need a vacation....good thing summer is coming!