Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Hump Day

School is winding down. Well, in some ways I feel like it will drag forever and in other ways it feels like its really ending soon. I'm not sure which it is, I don't have a set date to be done by, just whenever we're done I guess. Both Hannah and Josiah finished their English books, BUT we didn't do the writing chapters in those books as I had bought a different writing book to do. BUT they didn't like to do those exercises either so now we're going back to the writing chapters in their English books to write! They, especially Hannah, really struggle with writing and coming up with ideas for some reason!!! Although, her narrative for this week is going really well.

I don't know why but the only place I dream of that I've lived in (aside from growing up and college) is Minot. Last night I dreamed of Minot again! How weird is that!?!? I remember living in our house we'd lived in on Roaming Road, but I think we were just visiting? Whoever I was with, we walked down to the chapel but it wasn't the chapel but some other building where there was like a craft show and such. My cousin Sherry was there selling her Scentsy stuff, my cousin Darci was there working with the paramedics doing demonstrations. It was so weird!

Can you believe that I am 14 weeks today- in my second trimester!?!?!? I am sooo excited, although at the same time I just can't wait for my ultrasound at 18 weeks just to confirm (again) that everything is ok. Afterall, I was at a 15 week appointment when I found out Malachi had died. I just like to get past those 'humps'.

I am trying to plan Josiah's birthday party. I am having it Friday afternoon and we were going to go to a park but the weather looks cold, windy and possibly rainy so now I am having it here. I'm kinda bummed about that as its so much easier to have a bunch of kids running around at a park than my house!!!! lol That also means more planning on my part, figuring out about 2 games and such. Oh well, I know Josiah will be excited to have his friends celebrate his day with him. He also is going to see the new Iron Man movie that night with Zach, Hannah and Gabe. We're supposed to go eat dinner (he wants to go to the Japanese Steakhouse) but seeing as they're going to the movie I'm not sure how that will play out. Maybe we'll have to do that tomorrow night.

Ok, I am freezing and in need of a shower...Jamie this post was for you :)) More than 1 post in a week! I'm on a roll!


Sherry said...

Hi ~ I'm glad to see more than one post in a week too! I do look at Facebook but not all the time. I like your blog better, lol. Your dreams are funny ~ I've never been to Minot but if there was a chance that I could sell a bunch of Scentsy I would consider going there, lol! I hope the weather holds for Josiah's party ~ we did something last year that the kids had fun with ~ we put small paper plates on the table, put a piece of gum on them but not in the center, filled the plate with can whipped cream ~ then the kids had to keep their hands behind their backs and use their mouth to find the piece of gum ~ first one to find it wins a prize. It made for cute pictures, and the kids had a ball.

Kim said...

How funny you dreamt of Minot. That place must leave a lastin impression on O my goodness I cant believe its gonna be Josiah's bday. I remember when you and Sharon were in the hospital at the same exact time. Sounds like you have alot of nice things planned for his bday.

WildCAT said...

I like the new look! =)

I am OK said...

thank you kindly :P)