Friday, May 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Josiah

Wow, time FLIES! Josiah is 8 today! Where on earth did that go??? I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I think he had a good birthday. Last night we went to Hibachi and spent an arm, leg and ear it was so expensive (but sooooo good). Today we hit a few garage sales as I was on the hunt for maternity jeans (I found 2 pair). Then we came and played a bit and ate lunch and prepared for his party. He had a good party- 2 families showed up so 5 other kids. They colored their 'goody bags', played a "Lego game" (they got a baggie of Lego's and had to build something with it), and played musical chairs. Then Josiah opened his gifts and we had cake and ice cream. The kids all played for awhile and left. Josiah pretty much hid out in the basement building his new Bionicle, until Zach came home to take them to see Iron Man. I guess it wasn't as good as the first one (the second movies never are).

I enjoyed the quiet when they were gone. Abby fell asleep on me and I watched trash on TV that I don't normally watch and fell asleep for a bit. Then we ate dinner and Abby got a bath and I got ready for bed. We played for a bit, talked to Nanny and then everyone came home. It was so nice and quiet with just her and I. She didn't really venture far from me and didn't play off of my lap. I think she thought it was weird that nobody else was here!

Now I am ready for bed. It seems I just don't slow down these days as there's always something to be done! I'm glad Josiah's birthday is over. Now I need to focus on finishing school and preparing for our garage sale.

I'm so thankful for Josiah. He's so creative with drawing, Lego's and Bionicles. He's really funny, always making us laugh about something (both of my boys are). He's been such a delight to watch grow these past 8 years! I'm thankful that he's healthy and growing!!!

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I am OK said...

I'm so glad that the party went well and that Josiah had a nice time.

Garage sales on Friday ... oh I am so jealous. LOL

Love the new look BTW.