Sunday, May 21, 2006

Beach Bums

Yesterday we decided to go to the beach. Can you believe this was our first time going to the beach down here since we've lived here? It's been almost 2 years! Sure, we've walked along the beaches, but never swam. Where we live you don't swim in the water! So, we drove east and swam. It was glorious! The beach was pretty packed. The weather was perfect. It was sunny and warm but there was a wonderful breeze so we weren't hot. The water felt like bath water, but having grown up on Lake Superior I think anything would! I enjoyed working on my tan (I am determined to have a good tan before I visit family in Michigan in June). G didn't know what to think of the water. He was mesmerized. He had been to a couple of beaches in Michigan last summer, but I'm sure he didn't remember! He just watched the waves come crashing in. He wasn't afraid in the least. The water/sand kind of pulls you. As the waves come into shore it pulls you back toward shore,a and when the wave recedes it pulls you back toward the water. You aren't actually pulled, but it feels like the ground underneath is pulling you. Well, G would lean back and forward as this happened. It was a riot. Last year J was terrified of the water for some reason, so I thought he would be this year. But he surprised us and got right in there, splashing, jumping and all. He even got his face wet a few times and it didn't bother him. He also loved playing in the sand and covering himself in it. H had a blast going a little deeper with daddy and jumping the waves. They were out there pretty much the whole time jumping those waves. And some of them were huge! It was wonderful. I didn't realize how much I missed the beach until we went. We decided we need to go more often. After all, we are blessed to live so close to such an expansive body of water. I love to sit and look at the majestic waters. It just goes on forever. The sand is beautiful and so soft beneath your feet. The music of the waves just soothes me. How can somebody deny there is a God when that stares them right in the face? Water has always brought me 'closer' to God; helped me to ponder His might and power. In college sometimes I would go to a park called Presque Isle. I had this certain spot where I would sit on this rock, sometimes take along my Bible or walkman and just bask in the presence of the Lord as I marveled at His handiwork. He has truly created a beautiful earth. I love going outdoors and enjoying it. I look forward to our next beach trip! Meanwhile, here are some pictures.

Here is H getting ready to jump a wave.
J is a sandman!

G with his typical look on his face.
Here are H and I enjoying the sun.

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