Sunday, May 07, 2006

Happy Birthday JoJo!

I can't believe my Jo boy is 4 years old today. I remember being so ecstatic to learn he was a boy! I remember the doctor literally throwing him on me and me looking down and exclaiming he was boy! This was my first taste of boy. I grew up an only child. Majority of my cousins are girls. I did baby-sit, and mostly for boys, but that wasn't always that often. Jo was my first boy in EVERY sense of the word. I remember peering into his face and instantly being in love. I remember calling my friend who was watching H and telling her it was a boy and his name is J, even before Zach and I had totally agreed on that! J was such a sweet baby. Melted mamma's heart. He was so good natured. Little did I know when he turned two, and then three, that things would change! While he still had a sweet nature, he was such a boy! I was scared! But, God showed me that this is how boys are and I breathed a huge sigh of relief! J is the one who is the clown in the family, always doing something silly to make us laugh. He's also the one who doesn't like to venture far away from mommy and daddy, but likes to stay near us when we're in a public setting. God designed Jo in His image and I wouldn't trade it for anything! He is the only of our children (so far) with mommy's eyes. He is still my little heart-breaker. So, on behalf of my Jo's birthday here are 4 things for him:

1. I love the way you smile at me. Your whole face lights up. Your eyes shine. Your little dimples melt my heart. Your smile is like the sunshine that warms the earth- it warms me up and fills me with so much love for you.

2. I love your little antics and imagination. You make up so many words and stories. You always make me laugh. You like to put on a show and dance the most wildest dances. Not only do you move your body this way and that, but you contort your face into all sorts of movements and you just make me burst with laughter.

3. I love your inquisitiveness. You like to ask questions and learn. You ask about God, about birds, dinosaurs, Jesus. You are always asking questions (you probably get this from your sister). I love to see your mind at work as you ponder the things we tell you. I hope you will always have a heart and mind for learning and never be afraid to ask a question.

4. I love that you are a boy and that God has blessed us with you in our family. You can be wild and sassy, but you can also be sweet and loving. You love to run around and be loud, but you also will sit and cuddle. You like to shoot guns and play swords, yet you also like to kiss your mommy. You like to watch a movie with Daddy, but you also like to read a book with Mommy.

Happy birthday my dear boy. Mommy loves you!


Amie said...

Happy Birthday J!

For some reason I was thinking it was tomorrow...

Nanny said...

I will try again. Josiah is so much as you say and I love his silliness and to hear his jolly laughter. You are a special grandson that I will hold dear to my heart always. Keep smiling that beautiful smile. I love you Josiah and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

myboys9802 said...

Happy Birthday J!