Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bringing Down the House

Last night we were to have company over for dinner. Some friends of ours that live here, and also my friend, Jodie's husband, Brian. Jodie and I were best friends growing up. We were the 'rebels' at church. Not really. But, we have so many fond memories, some of us getting into trouble. Her husband is working down here and I told her he ought to come over for dinner sometime! It was so neat to have him! I have only met him twice before last night- our wedding and their wedding! We had such a good time.

But, before the company arrived (good thing they were late) I had a fire in the kitchen. I was going to make some tuna salad and turned on the wrong burner. On the burner I turned on I had a bag of pretzels. I was in the living room and I looked into the kitchen to see smoke, so looked closer and there were flames. Thankfully it was contained to that one area, but boy did the whole house get smoky. It still smells in here. We opened the windows, but it is so hot here that I don't think that did much good. At least I had it all cleaned up before our company arrived! But, it still did smell. Zach was livid with me. I was pretty upset at myself too. As if I didn't feel bad as it was...I was all shook up! It was a stupid accident. Please tell me I am not the only one who has made a stupid mistake like this. We all make mistakes. So, share a stupid mistake you've made.


Amie said...

I have turned the wrong burner on more than once!

Anonymous said...

I've done the same thing Jamie. I haven't seen flames yet, but close. Shari

Anonymous said...

Well, years ago I used to cook tator tots in a pot with oil instead of baking them. Apparently, you are not supposed to cover (tightly)the pot while doing this. Needless to say, I had smoke, flames.....the whole works! Believe it or not I still have that pot, and this happened a LONG time ago, lol. Don't feel bad, it could've happened to anyone!

Bethany said...

Hehe. While I was doing wedding invitations I left french fries frying on the stove. I suppose I filled the pot too full of oil and grease dripped off the sides and into the drip pans.

While I was in another room there was a grease fire. My daughter, Shiloh, kept calling "Mom, you might want to come here!", "Mom, come see this!" but not too frantically. I was being a great mother at the time and ignoring her. (I think I was looking for a towel for my son who was getting out of the tub.)

She kept calling so I finally went to see what she wanted. I said, "What Shiloh?"

"There's a fire." says she. Calm and collected as anything.

It was huge and I called my fiance who had gone outside. He put it out but not before ashes were floating around the kitchen/dining room....and all over my beautiful wedding invitations! I had to dab smut off of them each individually and some were completely ruined!

So yeah. Take heart. You are not alone! :D

Kay in PA said...

I had to visit in case you posted in pictures! LOL!

DDK23 said...

I feel kind of bad I started to laugh then you said you were I did stop laughing.
I have done a lot of stupid things...hmmm I can't think of one now, but I can't think of a few a friend did.

She wanted to make tea one night so she put a pot of water on the stove. I guess she forgot about it until the smoke alarm started to go off in the middle of the night. Apparently the water boiled out of the pot and it started to burn the coating of the pot.
It was hysterical to hear this story while she was dousing out a grease fire she created while trying to cook bacon while we were camping.

OHHH I just remembered my big stupid thing with fire/cooking. I was using the grill last year. Well we were in the middle of putting sealant on the deck so the grill was off the deck closer to the house. I wanted to put something on there and let it cool low and slow. Well I did have it set low, but I left it for to long and it started to get to warm…..and it was to close to the house….we have vinyl siding…..I MELTED THE HOUSE! The dinner was also partially burned. Chad just fixed the siding a couple of weeks ago:-)

Kay in PA said...

I just noticed your title....shouldnt it be "Burning down the house"! LOL...just couldnt resist! :)

I posted my much overdue curriculum fair update!