Sunday, May 28, 2006

What a Week!

Well, I got most of the landscaping/gardening done. But yesterday I quit. I had enough. I was out there pretty much every night of the week working, then all day Saturday and I had it. I don't have much left to do, but I don't want to look at another weed or rock or dirt. I like how it looks so far. I will have to take a picture when it is finished. My housework has suffered tremendously. I am worn out from it all, physically and I think even emotionally. Digging up trees, pulling weeds, planting flowers, laying down rocks.... I would rather clean a toilet! So, I think my baby-sitter's brother may come and finish it for me. We'll see. All I know is it has got to get done this week and I'm not doing it. I am sick of sweating out there, getting dirty and doing it solo. I missed out on spending time with my kids, didn't cook much and didn't do an ounce of cleaning. Do I sound crabby? I have a right, don't I? It's my blog!

On to another note...H finished her science and math this week. She has only 5 lessons left in phonics and we are done. We plan to do things throughout the summer, but on a much more relaxed note. I also want to work with J a bit this summer and get him doing some things. It is a relief to be pretty much done though. I enjoy homeschooling, but I think I need a break! Our homeschool group had a skating party on Thursday. We had a good time. G put on roller skates for the first time. J, who was scared last time, was out in the middle of the floor!

I took the two older kids for well-child appointments this week. They hadn't been to the doctor in years and I thought I'd do a check-up. I'm not fond of doctors and don't normally go unless we need to. They didn't see their normal doctor at this appointment, and when I was telling her that H has glasses she asked if she reads them in school. I told her that we homeschool and as soon as that left my mouth you could SEE this wall go up. She then asked me what extracurricular H was in and made a comment about socialization! Hogwash!

I bought some rollers this week and have been experimenting with them. My hair is so poker straight, but when I sleep in rollers I wake up looking like a poodle! Zach really likes it, and I do too once I get it a bit tamer. It is fun to have my hair looking a bit different now and then.

This week my friend Beth from North Carolina is coming to visit with her 4 and 2 year olds. It should be a fun week visiting and playing! We are really looking forward to them being here. Then a day or two after she leaves we head to Michigan for 2 weeks. It sure will be nice to see family again. I really miss my mom and can't wait to spend time with her, go shopping with her, and just see her and the kids play.

I'll post some pictures of the week too.