Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Re-Cap

  1. Thursday H had her first eye appointment. It was discovered that she needs glasses. I was a bit surprised, but shouldn't have been considering that Zach and I are blind as can be! I was also expected to pay $150 for my appointment. I have never had to pay that much for an eye appointment. We have great insurance. I was livid, but didn't fight it too much, as I was there for 2 1/2 hours!!!! It took forever! I had my baby-sitter come along and watch the kids. I felt so bad that we were cramped in this little office (my first time there) and for that length of time. She was so cool about it- I have the best baby-sitter. Let's just say I won't go there again!
  2. Friday I ran around getting ready for J's birthday party on Saturday. Pretty uneventful day.
  3. Saturday our friends came from Pensacola to celebrate J's birthday with us. They always come early so we can hang out. This was our last time seeing them until who knows when because they're moving to North Carolina. I am so bummed they're moving farther away! Then we had J's party. It was supposed to rain, we even had a tornado watch that morning. Somehow the storms broke up! Boy, was I thankful! I had planned an outdoor party and couldn't fathom about 10 kids (8 being boys) running around my house! They had a blast playing in the pool, the slip-n-slide, and the sprinkler. They had fun with water balloons and eating all the yummy food (surprisingly the fruit was all gone yet I had tons of chips left!). J got a ton of great gifts and was pretty excited. It was an eventful day! I used to think that having a 'theme' party was a must, but party planning is hard enough. They don't care about a theme, but have fun no matter what! Our friends from Pensacola didn't leave until about 11:30! It was nice spending all of that extra time with them!
  4. Yesterday we picked up H's glasses. She looks adorable. When I was little and had glasses they were so geeky! I'm so glad that they make them differently now! Not that I'd think my kid was a geek anyway, but you know what I mean.
  5. Last night was the Awana Awards Ceremony at church. Both of the kids were so excited to get an award for finishing their books! They had cake afterwards and we had a good time. I am so proud of both H and J for doing their books in 4 short months (thanks to Katrina)!


Amie said...

She looks as cute as can be! I love them. Glasses sure have come along way from the plastic ones when we were little. I wouldn't be surprised if any of our kid's need glasses either. Although, Jeremiah only uses his for night driving.

The party looks like it was fun.

Mom said...

Wait until you have parties when those boys are older, look out then! They really will be running around chasing all the girls I'm sure. I'm glad Josiah had a great birthday party and he got to go to Applebee's for a little extra loving on that great day. He is a very special boy.
I like Hannah in her glasses too. She will always be the prettiest girl in this world no matter what she is or isn't wearing. I'm sure when she gets older she'll want contacts like her mom! Love you all. Mom

Wethyb said...

Geesh, sounds busy!!!

DDK23 said...

I was the first in my class to wear glasses (kindergarten). They were horrible! I could stop wearing them in 4th grade (I had to wear them to correct a lazy eye). Then in 6th grade some of the "cool" kids wore glasses, and they were nice looking....and all of a sudden glasses were cool. Of course now I were glasses that my dogged chewed on and I don't care. Good thing the weather cleared up for the party sounds like you had a good time!

Choppzs said...

Sorry took so long to comment!! H looks so cute in her glasses!! Mom says, she must look like her mother!! lol And also, Happy Birthday J!!!Looks like they had lots of fun and activities on his b-day!!