Sunday, May 28, 2006

G after church today. I thought he looked so cute in his tie. All he wanted to do was eat, so he looks unhappy.

H sporting her 'smart' look!

J when told to smile!
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Mom said...

Aren't those grandchildren beautiful? Your hair looks really nice curled. Reminds me how much you look like your mom! lol
Love you.

Jen B said...

I've been reading you regularly, Jamie, and enjoying your blog. How's your homeschooling group, there? Thanks for the reminder to take Alaina in to have her vision checked, too. Hannah looks lovely and smart...I didn't know you were coming up this summer! And so soon! Let us know when and we'll come and se eyou. Love, Jen

Wethyb said...

ALL day Friday we spent doing our gardening, but I had help. I love doing it though....and I didn't have to do it for a week either though. I'm sure the hard work will surely pay off!

I love the curly hair. Looks great!!!!

Amie said...

Cute pics, roller skating looks so fun! Makes me want to go dig out my rollerblades.

Some people enjoy working outdoors and it relaxes them...some people don't. LOL I'm like you, its just work to me.

Have you tried hot rollers for a more relaxed curl?

Bummer about the doctor. I'm still upset about our pediatrician leaving, its so hard to find one you like.