Saturday, January 02, 2010


It is COLD outside! I was going to run to the library to return some books and get Hannah's book and run out to mail a few things to my parents but I managed to coax Zach to do it instead. I don't want to go out in the negative degree weather! And it's so teasing, the sun is shining and it LOOKS like it should be beautiful. But just open the front door and the cold air comes flying in. Yuck.

I feel bad that the dog has to go outside to pee when it's so cold out there! She doesn't even venture off the deck on days like this, and I can't say I blame her!

Zach's supposed to be having some guys over tonight to play Risk. Just some of the neighbor guys. I totally don't mind, but then he wants to do it tomorrow night too! I really wouldn't mind, but why does it always have to be at our house? Some of the people don't have kids, or if they do they don't have nearly as many as we have, so why can't they 'host' Risk night! Anyway, I'm sure he'll have a great time.


Sherry said...

It's been cold here too but not so terrible. My dog is like yours though, lol. I literally have to "take" him out of his bed because he does NOT want to go outside, lol. Sounds like Zach is getting his socializing done at home lately, lol. It's nice that you have friends close by to be able to get together like that.

WildCAT said...

So...if he gets to have game nights, we get to have a shopping night soon right? =)

I am OK said...

Our old pup Molly just used to stick her backside out of the door in Minot. LOL. Our pup now could care less, rain, snow, ice, heat, she loves it all.

Risk sounds like fun - haven't played that one in years. Hope Zach had fun and there wasn't too much disruption to your clean house. :P)