Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crazy week

This week has been crazy busy, but good. Even still I know next week will be even more nuts. At least the weather has warmed up a bit more. By warm I mean 20s and 30s. It's so weird how we think that is 'warm'! Anyway, let's see...

We did our normal schoolwork at the beginning of the week. It was nice to really get back into the routine. We did just a review of history as our 'semester' had ended. I really love our history, yet the kids grumble about it. I just don't get it! I try to make it fun and we do projects and such at times. Maybe I need to try to incorporate more projects, I don't know. Then again we don't always have time to do things like that either, by the time we get other things done.

Thursday I had two friends over. There was the 3 of us moms and our 10 kids. The kids did great though! We all contributed pizza and fruit and had lunch together. I think we decided we're going to do this every couple of weeks, switching houses. The weird thing about it is that Hannah is the oldest. It is really weird to me to have the 'older' kids now. I always felt like my kids were the younger ones. Guess I'm getting older! That was something we talked about too. Like in our head we totally don't feel like we're older. I still feel like I'm a kid in my head! Sure, I feel responsible and all, but seriously where did the time go? How do I have 4 kids!? Where on earth has the time gone? Just crazy!

Zach took a half day that day so after they left he took the three older kids to the movie so Abby and I went and did a bit of necessity shopping and ate dinner at Chili's! Then we had our small group that night. We haven't had it for a long time and it was so nice to get back into it!

Friday I did school with the kiddos in the morning and then I went and got my eyebrows waxed and Hannah and I got our hair trimmed. Then I decided to run to Ames to bring my kid's clothes for consignment. It was such a wasted trip! First, I saw on the door how they weren't taking clothes in January so I brought my bin back into the truck. Then I wanted to pull my clothes that haven't sold yet and take them home, but I couldn't find a ton of them. I found 2 things with my number on them that weren't even mine! So, I asked about it and they said they'd look into it. No wonder I couldn't find any of my clothes! It makes me wonder what happened to the things I did bring in and whether or not I got credit for things that sold. So when I left I was very frustrated.

I did get to go to my friend, Jenn's though. I hadn't seen her in a LONG time! It was so nice to go and visit, to see her kids and to snuggle her baby. The baby slept on me the whole time! Sure brings on baby fever :)

Now today has been so busy...trying to clean up since I didn't get much done the past couple of days, had grocery shopping to do and STILL have bills to pay. It is so never-ending and sometimes it is really annoying! I just want a break from it all! Remember my dream? I'm really desiring that right about now!!!


I am OK said...

Crazy busy as always. S and I went to Andrews AFB yesterday to the ER and since we were all the way out there we went into their consignment shop. We bought a boat load of unnecessary items and had a bunch in the back of his truck we had been meaning to donate or consign. So we dropped it off for donation after talking to them about consigning. They won't take boy clothes. And they only have one very small rack of boy clothes there - the girl said they don't sell and it is too much work to keep it organized. How strange.

Anyway ... I love snuggling babies. And I ALWAYS have baby fever! LOL. How awesome to get to visit with so many friends this week.

Kim said...

You're always busy. Your days make mine seem Thats a good thing though. Its better to stay busy. How great you got w/ your friends and had lunch and the kids played. That would be so frustrating to not be able to find your clothes you consigned and to think someone else may of profited off of them

Amie said...

I came by to catch up on your blog (I'm ashamed to say how far back I had to read...)

I know exactly what you mean about the well baby check ups! They are such a waste of time, and why do the nurses always freak out about not having shots? It's always the nurses.

I don't watch Extreme Home Makeover, but I wouldn't of minded seeing David Cook, I like him.