Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dumb as a Rock

***IS THIS BETTER MOM? MAYBE I SHOULD MAKE THE FONT BIGGER TOO! JUST KIDDING! Sorry, when I type its a white background so I'm not aware of the color issue when it posts!

So, our cable/Internet bill went up. Our year special ran out. Our bill was $150! I was like, "I am NOT paying that ridiculous price for cable & Internet!" So, I began to do some research on Direct TV and Dish Network. I know they both had specials they were offering. I decided they were both about the same price so was going to go with Direct TV and both my mom and I would get $10 off our bill for the next 10 months (I used her as a referral). So, I was going to change my Internet to Qwest. First, they tell me my computer cannot be older than 4 years. I said it was. Then I said I wasn't sure how old it is. I'm really NOT sure how old it is, but it IS older than 4 yrs. WHY on earth can I not get Internet from them just because of the age of my computer? Our laptops aren't that old, but our main PC is. So dumb. So I told them I wanted it anyway, stating I wasn't sure how old it was. Then I get a call yesterday about everything. The lady began to give me a phone number. Then she told me I needed to either rent or buy one of their modems. I thought, "WHATEVER!" We have a perfectly fine modem, although its for cable, not DSL. Then I began to think how I have NO phone line in the basement, where they'd probably have to set it up. I told the lady I ended to speak with my husband. I called him and told him what was going on and that I was cancelling Qwest and maybe DTV. So, I did. I signed up with Dish Network instead. For the same price as what we would've gotten with DTV we also get a DVR. The only thing is we'll have to stick with the same Internet company (cable) which is still a bit pricey. They charge you an extra $15 if you only have Internet through them! Oh well, I'm still saving money. And wouldn't you know when I called to cancel our cable the guy 'had an offer' but when I called a week ago to ask about my price being jacked up there was nothing they could do!

Then I felt almost harassed by the DTV lady when I told her I wanted to cancel. "But don't you understand the savings you're missing out on?" she kept asking. I did not tell her I'd get my services elsewhere! Then she told me she'd push back my installation date so I could think about it! No! And have to waste how much time calling AGAIN to cancel! What do those people not understand about that word~ cancel? Oh well, I got it all taken care of and eventually got school taken care of too.

Then my little Abby had diarrhea for awhile and then broke out into a rash. I thought I'd better call the doctors office, just to speak to a nurse, to ask about it. I figure there wasn't anything they could do but just wanted to check. The nurse calls back and was like, "Well you missed her last two well-baby appointments" to which I just said that we had a busy year, my husband was out of town a lot and I didn't realize. I think WBA's are SUCH a waste of time! My child has been very healthy and after having 4 I think I can tell. I think they just want to try to scam your insurance money out of you for those appointments. Not to mention you go there and come home sick! She then tells me how my daughter is behind on immunizations. Uh oh. I said she hasn't had any yet and she just paused and then told me how Abby probably caught something because she is NOT immunized. What EVER lady! DUH! So, I made a 'well-baby appointment' and brought Abby in. I wasn't too worried about the doctor with the shots, but was a bit. So far she's been super wonderful about it. And yesterday all she said was something about letting me make the decision to get her shots. Well, YEAH, it is my decision, but she was real friendly about it and not pushy or anything, just said how they DO recommend them. Why is it nurses can be a huge pain in the butt, more so than doctors???

Ok, time to get off of my soapbox for the day and change a diaper! I've been on this computer long enough. It's time to do something else!


Darlene said...

Do you know how hard it is to read some of the stuff when the 'print' color is in other colors, and the background doesn't help either. And yes, I am complaining lol

I am OK said...

Man, that nurse must have been in mood. Either than or light headed after being on top of her high horse.

Hope Abby was okay. We've been fighting a sickness over hear too. C is coughing and I have a sore throat - hoping it doesn't escalate. Downing the vitamin C!

Kim said...

We tried to do the same thing w/ our cable and internet because it just seemed outrageous. But it came down to it that it was cheaper than getting the dish anyway. I hate nurses and Dr's. Like they know everything about your kids. HOw rude of her.

Darlene said...

the background wall is more the issue. It is green checkered and annoying:)The font would be okay if the background wasn't so annoying! lol