Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dream part deaux

Okay, Sherry your dream sounds absolutely heavenly. That's my dream also, I was aiming more for realistic :) Jamie, I'd love to grab spaghetti with you and both enjoy time away! I miss you SO much!

The other day I called my friend, Sadie, to see if she wanted to go out for dinner that evening. I hadn't really had much time away from my family during Christmas break, but I didn't mind that. I just thought I'd get a chance to get out before Zach returned to work on Tuesday. I had a coupon for Ruby Tuesday, buy one entree and get one free. I also decided to splurge and got a virgin strawberry daiquiri AND dessert! We then headed to the mall where I found jeans for Hannah for only $5! I also was able to get some deals at Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret! It was good shopping, but more importantly I had such a great time with my friend! It felt like awhile since we'd seen each other and it was nice to just sit and chat. I know I certainly needed it. So, thanks Sadie for being my 'date'!

On another note I think I may have broken my toe this morning. It happened in the most peculiar way- while getting dressed! What on earth! I just lost my balance trying to put on my underwear and somehow landed on that toe wrong. A naughty word slipped out, good thing the kids weren't around. It bruised up a little right away and I couldn't even bend it and could barely walk! Now it's really bruised and it really hurts. Ouch! How crappy. How do I manage to do such a stupid thing? I guess from now on I need to dress while sitting? Boy oh boy, I've always been clumsy but not to THIS extent!


I am OK said...

Once I almost broke my elbow tying to put on a bra. It swelled up really bad and now I have tennis elbow in the same spot. Another time I fell down the stairs at my mom's and hit my head on the doorway of a staircase and I actually ended up loosing a patch of hair! I really could go on and on. I feel for you with a toe. Who knew such a small body part could hurt so much! Well 1st Corinthians 12 I suppose -
lol wisdom, wisdom, wisdom. ... I need help :O)

Kim said...

What a great night out w/ your friend. I did that once to my toe and thought I broke it, but I didnt it just hurt for like 3 days. So funny how stubbing a toe or something can hurt so bad

DDK23 said...

I stub my toes ALL the time....not so bad in this house though. I inherited my mom's clumsy gene. However she knew how clumsy she was and had both my sister and I take dance lessons. Not only was it fun, I think it did help me lesson the clumsiness.