Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm blank

I've had all these ideas running through my head lately about what to blog about and now they're gone. Disappeared. I feel like my brain cells have just depleted. Zilch. I'm so tired. The past two mornings I was up earlier than usual. Yesterday I couldn't' really fall back to sleep after Zach left, I was so worried about him driving to work when there was ICE everywhere! Yep, we had an ice storm. It's crazy, the public school kids have missed so much school. We've missed so many nights of our small group. BUT, the M Christian Academy carries on! Maybe this will be the first year we'll be done before the public school kids! I've come to learn, living in this climate for only a year while homeschooling, that you want to be OUT come those nice spring days! So, we're taking advantage of the cold, yucky days when we can't go out.

It was a bit of a bummer though, as we were supposed to have a playdate, I was going to get a few errands done and I was going to take Hannah to this book club at the library. BUT, we did get some academics in and will have time for a playdate later!

Ok, enough of this boring post. Hopefully I'll remember something and make my next post a bit more entertaining!


Kim said...

That is one good thing about homeschooling, the kids dont miss days and have to make them up in the summer when you're ready to go on your vacations.

Amie said...

I totally agree, much better to do school on "snow days" and take those beautiful Spring days off.