Sunday, January 24, 2010


Just last night I was complaining about seeing no sun. It had been awhile and for days and days and days and days it was so foggy! It was really getting on my nerves! Rather than pray about it, I just complained and felt a bit blah. This morning I awoke, showered and readied myself for church and came downstairs to notice the BLUE sky and sunshine! Thank you, Jesus!

Today was 'Sanctity of Life Sunday' in church. It was cool to see that they fill baby bottles for a local crisis pregnancy center! Our church back in MS did the same. Today they showed a video about a baby after conception. It was so moving and I had tears pooled in my eyes! Ever since losing my two babies it affects me so much more. It is just amazing how God forms us, knits us in our mother's wombs. Absolutely amazing. I'm amazed by technology, electricity and such but nothing compares to how God creates us and grows us. I was realizing recently that it's getting near the time of Malachi's birthday...well ok, its in March but it was such a long ordeal through the whole month of February that month will never really be the same, especially as I also think of my other baby whom should have been due about that time. I cannot wait to meet those precious babies!

On another note, part of me is wondering if maybe I should just volunteer at the local pregnancy center. I don't know, definitely something to pray about. I know I want to do something, I just need to see where God guides me and wants me to be used.

We sit in the very last row in church (call us the Back Row Baptists...although we don't consider ourselves Baptist). It is easy to be distracted sitting back there! It's easier to do when we have the kids with us, but they're really great. We've been putting Abby in the nursery lately as this age is a difficult age to try to keep still. It seems always about this age we put the kids in the nursery for a short time. Anyway, one time we saw a grown man/father playing on his cell phone! There's been times when we see kids who are old enough to sit still and try to listen color or read. Now I have nothing against these things. My own children have gone through the stage of taking quiet things to do in church- when they're YOUNG. But when you're about 7 or 8 years old do you really need markers and a coloring book in church? Today was the kicker- a boy had his GAME BOY!!! I was so floored! WHAT is that teaching your children about church, about how HOLY God is? This boy had to be at LEAST 7 years old! He was right in front of us so I had to keep checking to make sure Hannah and Josiah weren't watching his game! Certainly I can understand drawing in a bulletin, but to play a VIDEO GAME in church??? Obviously his parents don't want to train him or don't care about him learning about Jesus. I don't know, it was just very disturbing.

Not that I'm perfect not done everything perfectly with my children. I must say though that I am very thankful for how well they sit in church.

Another kind of crazy thing...recently I was thinking about one of my old college friends. I haven't been able to locate her on facebook, yet I know a few people who have been in touch with her. I'd love to reconnect with her and was just thinking of her yesterday and the day before. Well, then I get a prayer request from a mutual friend of ours asking to pray for V's stepdad who has cancer and is about to die. It's so GOD when something like that happens...when the person is already on your mind and then you find out why! I hope I'm able to connect with her again soon.

The sermon in church was wonderful. Our Pastor has been preaching on Jesus, the Miracle Man. There were also baby dedications and it was so neat how they did theirs.


WildCAT said...

I've seen several kids at our old church playing Nintendo Ds's during church! I felt the same way as you...I was floored that a parent would allow that! I know at a young age they need something to do, but even Addy can sit fine during church (writing on the program at times...). I think video games is taking it too far...

Kim said...

Yes we should be greatful and thankful for sunshine. I just saw on the wetaher channel the other day that some where way up in Alaska saw the sun for the first time since like Nov, 17 th or something. ANd they were only getting to see it for 1 1/2 hours. I sit in the back of church too, Jalynn is at that age where she wants to talk all the time and loud, its easy just to sneak off. I put my boys in childrens church. I think personally they can learn more there on a kids level rather than what us adults are hearing. They just cant comprehend all that. Thats amazing tho that your kids sit and are so well behaved. A few sundays ago. There was this teenager sitting in the back row. He was sitting up and sleeping. If I was his parents I would of gave him a swat on the back of the

Darlene said...

I have seen parents take some of the toys brought to church taken away. Also when we have kids there that are bused and their parents don't attend church, we reprimand them when they are not listening. I must say Henry G. is great at are near me but not go out of my way. At our church, some adults are quite distracting, getting up and down during the service. I also just ignore it at times and pay attention to what Pastor (or God) is preaching to me. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying our Pastor is God. Sometimes God speaks to us through others, like our Pastor.

I am OK said...

Scott and I really like our church here in VA. Catholics keeps their kids in mass pretty much no matter what - so it is nothing to hear a baby or three screaming and every boy is loud - LOL - well only funny when it isn't our child :P)

But man that cell phone deal. Scott and I saw a lady about our age a church on Christmas Eve texting through the entire Mass - and her children were watching her. I still regret not saying something.

Amie said...

Wow, a Gameboy in church is pretty bad! Our church is quite relaxed, and lots of women knit (one even quilts sometimes) during church. Although, that's stuff you can do and listen at the same time.