Monday, January 25, 2010

It pays off!

Persistence that is. Gabe is doing so well reading now! Back in November he would pretty much grumble and not want to try to sound out the words. Now, even though he has to sound out pretty much every word, he does it without complaining and does it correctly! I took a break in Nov/Dec and did some work in 'Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons'. I guess maybe that helped a bit too? It's just so cool to see when it finally 'clicks'!

On another hand I really need to look into some speech therapy for him. I dread it. Only because in the winter I want to be a homebody. It's much easier to just stay home with 4 children when the weather is nuts! Hannah had some speech therapy for a bit in Mississippi and it did help a bit. I know that they do eventually outgrow some of it also, and I do try to work with him on some of his sounds as we do school (he'll say the "V" sound as a B sound, for example). There are other sounds also. I have a friend who has her son in speech so I just need to ask her for the information. I was going to today as we were supposed to have a playdate but lo and behold Josiah's had a headache and I thought we'd better stay put just in case!

When it comes to math Gabe is awesome! He usually doesn't even have to think about what he's doing! I really love our math program! I don't think he'd do as well with a different program. Then again, maybe he's just really good with numbers. He just flies through his work and many times he'll know the answer without trying to figure it out! That was not the case when Hannah and Josiah did math at this level!

So, that's school with Gabe these days. He really enjoys the various things our supervising teacher dropped off, also. Next time I'll have to let you know about Josiah's schooling!


Kim said...

Wow he is doing really well. I know my kids had trouble like that too sounding out words. Jarrett had trouble w/ the "r" sound. He would use w. He had some help in 1st grade for that and now he does alot better. I think all kids have that same problem and they just kinda out grow it as they get older and sometimes they do need help, so a speech therapist might help. My kids are funny when they talk. Last night Jesse was trying to say remember and he was saying "re- ember" And Jarrett had a math problem where he had to find objects in the house that were certain shapes and he wrote down "Mikle-wave" for micro wave. Too funny. Well it sounds like you're doing a really great job teaching them. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Darlene said...

That is my smart boy!:) Also have to remember how they hear others talk as well. If you speak clearly they will pick that up. If you mumble that is what they will pick up. So stop mumbling! jk Sometimes speaking slower helps as well. Sometimes we just talk too fast for anyone to understand us.

I am OK said...

hmm can my child come to your school? Glad to hear things are going well. :P)

Amie said...

That's great,especially since he is only five! My boys were all past six before anything really "clicked" with reading.