Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It is so hard to believe that six years ago today I gave birth to Gabriel. How does speed by like this? I remember that day like it was last week. Contracting. Calling my friend Sheri to come stay with the kids. Wimping it on the way to the hospital, declaring I would definitely be getting an epidural. The tiny 'closet' I had to birth in. The many 'students' in there during delivery. Waiting forever for my real room so I could go and show Hannah and Josiah their new brother. How has that been 6 years? I remember when we left the hospital driving the 'long' way home and just about tearing up. How on earth would I care for three children??? Was I capable of that! What were these people thinking letting me take this baby home?

I'm so thankful the Lord blessed us with Gabe. What a wonderful, delightful little stinker he has been! He's our first baby we co-slept with! He's so funny the things he comes up with! Even today when I was asking him about being six he said, "I feel taller." Then he looked at his sandal on his foot and exclaimed, "WOW! This fits me better!" Where do they come up with this stuff??? On the way home from the store I was talking about old people and driving nad how many of them probably shouldn't be driving because they may be blind (not able to see well) He pipes up, "Well when I'm old if I'm blind I'm gonna ask Jesus to help me to see!"

He opened his gifts this morning and has been busy building since. He got to play Wii, watch TV, eat pigs in a blanket for lunch. He requests Ihop for dinner. He picked out the cake mix and frosting and is looking forward to digging into his cake!

Gabriel is very creative with building things with his Lego's and Bionicles. He draws really well and will often be found at the table making new pictures. He loves to watch TV and play Wii. He loves to find songs on the radio and will often run downstairs telling us some tidbit he heard! He loves to play with the dog and get her all hyper. He also doesn't mind her continuously licking him (yuck). He loves to eat and is always asking for snacks or declaring he's hungry. He's excited to be 6 and I think he's excited to begin a new year of school! I'm so thankful for my little guy!!!


Amie said...

Happy Birthday Gabe! I still remember we were sitting out on our porch swing when Larry called and told us.

When Jonah turned five he thought we would be able to unlatch his car seat all of a sudden. "But I'm five now, I should be able to do this". :)

Kim said...

Aww such a little blessing to have little Gabe. HArd to believe hes 6 now. Thats so cute how he thinks hes taller and his shoe fits better just because hes 6...lol oh how priceless that if hes blind when he gets old he'll ask Jesus to help him see. SO sweet! Hope he had a fantastic birthday

Darlene said...

We are thankful having Gabe as our grandson. God could not have blessed us with a better loving boy.