Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The other day an old friend from Mississippi stopped through. She and her two daughters are travelling across teh country and we were on the way so we opened up our home to them! Not only was it good to see her again, I was so encouraged! First, it felt wodnerful to cook a meal again, not just knowing it was for my family but also to bless someone else. I haven't done much cooking since June...and I finally managed to get a menu made up, groceries bought and now have an abundance of food to make! It was also wonderful knowing we were blessing someone with a free place to stay. But, even moreso the conversation was so uplifting and I was just blessed. They are missionaries who currently pastor in Ohio. It was so cool to hear the stories about how God has provided for them every step of the way, in so many different arenas. She talked about trusting God. Oh, how difficult it is for me to truly TRUST HIM. I tend to worry more than trust. As if I don't know that He has it all in His hands, I still worry! He knows what will happen in 2 hours, 2 days and 2 years. Shouldn't that bring me comfort??? It should, but it doesn't always! It was almost more confirmation about one of my previous posts about just simplifying things. I've lost my focus. It's not on God, its not been on Godly things, but on the things of this world...earthly things. Of course some of it attributes to my anger with Him. But, I feel like I'm getting somewhere. Like the fact that I can even think like this and blog about it...the fact that I FINALLY picked up and read my Bible yesterday after not doing so in like 2 months because I've been too angry...the fact that I began a book I've been wanting to read for some time about being the Godly wife/mother/homemaker God desires me to be...baby steps.


Kim said...

How wonderful to have friends always stop in. Your such a good friend to offer up your house to everyone.

I am OK said...

baby steps are perfect. I'll hold your hand the whole way :)