Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recent quotes

"Our faith gives us the sure hope of seeing him again, but the hope does not take away the pain."
-Gregory Floyd, A Grief Unveiled: One Father's Journey Through the Death of a Child

"I just wish everyone would quit quoting the Bible to me"
-The mom in the movie 'Letters to God' I have to agree...I know Scripture is GREAT, it is God's Words to us, but it doesn't always comfort our broken hearts...

Another thing from the movie 'Letters to God'...the Mom says to Tyler, "Nobody could replace you." Tyler says to mom, "You know God picked you. He picked you to be my mom." Amazing. Nobody can replace the babies I've lost...not even new babies. They'll all hold their own special places in my heart. And I know that God chose me to be a Mama to these sweet babies that never breathed a breath on this earth, but who were formed by God's holy hands.

Last night at Hannah's first softball game Josiah looked to the field and says, "Is Hannah on stage?" LOL

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I am OK said...

I never thought of the reverse, that God picked us to be their mom. Something to think about tonight. Thanks.