Monday, August 16, 2010


After reading my friend, Jamie's, post I remembered I had to tell you about my latest Craigslist freak-out. I listed a few items a few days ago. Here's an email convo:

Jorge: hi i want to buy you duoble stroller can you send you phone number or addres

I emailed him back telling him I could meet him at a gas station (its where I meet these people, right down the road from me, so they don't have to come to my house). I wasn't going to provide my # but thought maybe he was desperate for the stroller ASAP (which was cool with me, its $50 I could make), so I threw my number in there too. I never give out my addresses. After everything I wonder if this freak were trying to attain it and that freaks me out.

Jorge: i call you and iis not enter can you call my number is 515 262 XXXX (number provided)

I called the number and it rang and rang and rang. I emailed back letting them know I tried to call and then I'm really flexible about meeting up with people. No reply since. It just creeps me out. Was it some sicko trying to get my info so they could who-knows-what? I don't even want to think about it!

So, beware of people on Craiglist! Never give your address!!! I did give a guy off of freecycle my address once but that's because we had a washer and I always make sure Zach is here when they come!


I am OK said...

You have to be so careful! LOL - I felt bad about my situation, but in the end; I was the customer and he was sort of a strange salesman.

Most likely Jorge changed his mind too. Unless you get a bunch of hang up calls, I wouldn't worry about it too much. :P)

Sherry said...

I got a few odd messages after I posted something on craigslist too but all I ever got out of it was some junk mail, which irritates me but doesn't surprise me.

Kim said...

That would be creepy!