Monday, August 16, 2010

Kiddo, Kiddos

I haven't blogged about the kids in awhile so I thought I'd do so, not only for you all but also so I can remember some of these things! I'll start with the youngest.

It is hard to believe Abby is going to be 2 next week. I could cry just thinking about it. I think it's even more difficult to fathom because I won't be having a baby in a few months. She's been definitely showing that she's almost two because she's been throwing some mighty big fits. She screeches really loud. I hate it...its almost like her innocence is gone or something! She loves to play with Hannah's old dollhouse I took in the living room. I seldom see her playing with her other toys anymore! She also loves to color! When I bought school supplies I also bought her her own pencil box, crayons and notebook. If any one of us sits at the table to do something besides eat you can bet Abby will be sitting in her chair coloring! The other day she was playing with this clock puzzle she has with Zach. I was in the kitchen and I heard her say "3" and she had had a 3 in her hand or was putting it on the puzzle. She also said a few other numbers on her own! She is SUCH a little sponge- I love hearing her copy things we tell her! One day she opened the drawer in the table next to my bed and took out my earbuds for my ipod. I looked over and she stuck them up in her ears and began to dance around!!! There was no music- it wasn't even plugged in to anything yet she knew that you put them in your ears to hear music!!! She's such a delight!!! She also has discovered how to get upstairs through the gate. We have nowhere to latch it so we just put it there, and its always worked for both her and the dog. Well, she figured out you can just slide it over a bit and sneak on up the stairs! She does great on the stairs but still it makes me nervous!

Gabe has been a little stinker lately. He and his brother seem to always be fighting or hyper or something. It is very aggravating. I just wish they'd get along! He still loves his Legos and Bionicles. He's ready for his birthday, which is also next week. He loves to put on Josiah's radio and listen to music. Yesterday as I was in their room making their beds he had on one of their CD's and was singing, "Oh no you never let go, through the calm and through the storm." I love hearing my children sing songs to Jesus!!! Last week he came downstairs and said, "Mom, they said on the radio something about football coaches and your favorite football coach!" He was all excited and I think wanted to participate in whatever it was :)

Josiah has been incredibly trying. I feel like he and I just butt heads. He has such a bad attitude if I correct him on something or discipline him. It breaks my heart! It isn't always this way with him, just sometimes. All the kids loved to play Guitar Hero with Zach. Josiah's almost like a natural the way he holds the guitar! I don't know if he copies the characters on the TV or what, but boy has he got the stance down :)

Hannah is now playing softball. At practice last week the first time they went to practice batting she actually hit the ball on the third try! I was impressed! Now that it's not going to be as humid this week hopefully we can get outside with her and practice. She seems to enjoy it so far. You can tell which girls have been playing for awhile (most of them) and so sometimes I just feel bad for her that she's 10 and still learning! She's been having a lot more attitude about things, which I really need to work on. One day she asked me if this little white bump on her hand was a wart (Gabe has a wart). I told her yes it was, even though it wasn't. She then says in a snotty voice, "Thanks alot Gabe for spreading your seeds!" Oh man it sounded so funny the way she said it and we got a good chuckle out of it (but she did have to apologize to her brother after we told her we were kidding)! This morning she came into my bed and the first thing she said to me was, "Mom, I think I'm growing boobs. I think I need a bra." I busted out laughing!!! I think I know where that came friend, Lynne, stopped through for the night with her girls who are 10 and 8. From talking with Lynne, the 10 year old is already needing a bra and such. I'm not sure and Hannah wouldn't admit it but I'm assuming the girls had a conversation about such a thing! I don't think Hannah's to the point yet where she needs one, but maybe I should double check ;) Aaaahhh my kids crack me up!!!


Amie said...

Love all four updates!

I am OK said...

Hahhhhhahahhaha a bra. LOL. Buy her a few sports like bras to keep her happy. HAHAHAHAHAH. Man they all are getting so big. I love it.

Sherry said...

They are sure growing up fast! From what I've heard from friends it sounds like the girls are wearing bra's earlier these days and they don't even need them. I think they just want to feel "grown up" or something, lol.