Monday, August 30, 2010

The Day

I'm gonna try to make this a quick post so I can go up and read! It was a good day, overall. The kids were anxious to begin school. I awoke waiting for my children to wake up and just lay in bed savoring the quiet and praying for a good day. I read my Bible (on my ipod) for a bit also! What a wonderful way to begin! Josiah wandered into my room first and asked if it was my birthday. He hugged me and wished me a Happy Bday. Abby woke up and was totally hugging me and I got her to attempt to sing her version of Happy birthday! She's the only one who sang to me today, aside from my mom over the phone :) Even my kids call the grandparents and sing but they didn't sing to mama :( Hannah came in with her handmade card. When Abby saw the cupcake sticker she began to blow out teh candle! So funny! Gabe wandered in and after like 5 minutes asked if it's my birthday. We all laid in bed for a tiny bit and then wandered downstairs. After breakfast we got ready for the day, did a few chores and then began our first day of school by reading the Bible and praying! The kids did pretty well in school today and it went fairly quickly. I'm sitting here wondering if we did everything we were supposed to! The first lessons always go quickly though, since they're review. Abby sat at the table coloring and playing with counting bears and wasn't any hassle at all! I didn't have too many tears or complaints. They were actually EAGER to do history! That is a FIRST in SO long. They were so tired of the history we did last year. I'm so glad I've changed it up! I am loving it also. I'm so thankful for the pretty good day we had. Zach took a half day and brought us home Taco Bell and after Hannah's softball game tonight we went to Chinese! I was totally craving it for like a week since I smelled it on an elevator at the hospital. Mmm those ragoons rocked. Even Abby loved them. Oh, when we prayed this morning I asked Abby to pray and she covered her eyes with her hands and babbled. The only word we understood were in the middle, "Da wook" translated as 'Dad work' which is what she says to me multiple times a day and first thing when she wakes in the mornings! I love that girl :) Our neighbors/friends came to Hannah's softball game tonight and that was nice! Zach got me more Willow Tree figures and a Family Feud game for the computer :) My mom sent me some money :) It was a blessed day! I wondered if it'd be hard...sometimes these celebratory days are, but it wasn't. The other night I started crying in bed thinking of how old I am! LOL Ok, goodnight everyone!


Kim said...

So glad to hear you had such a wonderful day and birthday. mmmm Chinese sounds good I remember the first time I ever had a ragoon was at your house and now I love them. Abby just sounds like such a little sweetheart. How cute when she was praying for "Da wook " So sweet!

I am OK said...

I am so glad you had such a nice birthday. Hope school is off to a good start, still :D