Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday (a day late) Abby!

I meant to get on last night to wish my 'baby' a Happy Birthday but alas it didn't happen! I hope it doesn't make me a bad mama ;) I can't believe that little Abby is TWO! Wow, when I was talking about it seeming like just yesterday when I had Gabe, it seems like it was a few hours ago that I had Abby!!! What a HUGE blessing she has been to us! This is something I wrote down the other night as I was feeling emotional looking through pictures from the day she was born:

How has it been two years have gone by? Seems like just yesterday when I glimpsed your tiny face for the first time. It has been an amazing, fun-filled two years, as we watch you learn and grow. I can't remember what it was like before you were a part of our family. You are such a treasure, such a blessing, a gift, a light. I'm so thankful, so very thankful to be chosen as your mama. I only wish time would slow down so we can watch you grow and learn in slow motion, reveling in each day, basking in your beauty. Thank you, Jesus, for this gift...not only is she her fathers joy, as her name means, but a joy to us all!

That sums it up. She brings so many smiles to my face. I love watching her grow. When you have a child amongst losses, in this case amongst three losses, I think you just appreciate them so much more!

For her birthday she opened a gift in the morning- a new car for her dollhouse and a new Mommy & toddler! We got ready for the day and I packed a picnic and we took a walk, me taking pictures of the kids along the way. We played at the park for awhile, at our picnic, took more pictures and walked back home. I put Abby for a nap and she fell asleep right away- what a tired little gal! After her nap we played outside for awhile. We ate frozen pizza for dinner- Abby had two pieces! She loves her pizza!!! Then we went to watch Hannah play softball! She scored one of three hits for her team and we were so proud of her! Afterwards we came home and Abby opened more presents, one of which is her new pony. Then we sang Happy Birthday and had cake. It was bath time and then she wasn't ready for bed, the stinker. She played a bit and then fell asleep on daddy on the rocking chair! I think she had a fun day! I know I did as I tried to make it special for her :)


Darlene said...

Abby truly is a blessing. She is the one I had to work hard for her love as she was such a mommys girl. She finally came around and now spends time with me. I love you Abba dabba.

Kim said...

Happy birthday to Abby. Time sure did fly by. SOunds like she had a really special birthday. I saw her pic on FB of her new pony. It looks really cute. Looks like she didnt want to get off of it