Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More funnies...

Some of you may have seen some of these on facebook. I'm just recording them for my own memory :)

The kid that lives behind us has a RED mohawk. Josiah says he looks like the Pharaoh and we should call him that! :D

The other night I was listening to music on my iPod with Abby. She was trying to sing along. She brings me such joy :)

Abby pointed to Sleeping Beauty on her nightgown and said, "What's that, Mom?" Before I answered she answered her own question with, "Mama!" Glad she thinks her Mama is as pretty as a princess!

The other day when we were talking about the dog park they made in our town Hannah asked, "Do they have dog slides and stuff too?" LOL Gotta love it!

My "baby" fell asleep with her finger up her nose!!!

We are memorizing a Bible verse- Galatians 2:20 'I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live...'. When Gabe was saying it the other day he said something like, "I have been goosfiedwithrice" (he ran it all together and the word rice was definitely in there). LOL

My kids cannot say memorize. I think they mix it up with the word remember. Earlier Hannah said to me, "Mom, I gotta rememorize my poem for co-op."

And I'll even include one about the dog. I was reading a Jesse Bear book to Abby yesterday and making up my own words. There's a picture of Daddy coming home and so I shouted, "Daddy's home!" just like I do when he's really home. Daisy loves when Daddy comes home- she barks and runs to the door and goes ballistic. So when I said that, at 8 am, she was going crazy! It was so funny!


Amie said...

Funny! My younger kids can't say the word "practice", they all say it different. We were memorizing the 23rd Psalm a while back and Elijah kept saying "righteousNISH" instead of righteousness, and of course the younger ones picked up on that and now I'm trying to get Jonah to say it right!

Kim said...

Too Funny. My kids cant say some words either, i was just trying real hard to remember what they were but I cant now. Its so funny hearing them try to say some of them

crimsoncovered said...

My favorite word is "limb nim" thats what my daughter who is now 16 used to call M&M's :)

Like the funnies!