Saturday, September 11, 2010

Seasons change

Well, I spent my only sleeping in day waking early to hit some garage sales. This was probably the last time of the season I'll be going out. I began the season saling with Sadie and we ended it that way too! We hit quite a few of them- I'm surprised how many there were today, being fall AND the Iowa vs Iowa State game. We'd hit one that was on my list from the paper and what do ya know that we'd find at least another in the same area. I was on the lookout for some more shirts for Abby as well as warmer pj's. I was also looking for pj's for Josiah, but figuring I probably wouldn't find any since you don't normally find anything for them! Well, i got Abby lots and lots of cute little pj's, a few shirts and an outfit or two. I also got a cute shelf for the boys' room that has little bins to put things in it. It's perfect for their little toys they always leave in their room or their CD's or wallets. I picked up the movie 'My Girl'. I was just thinking the other day how I hadn't seen it in ages and then I saw it so I had to get it! I'm sure Hannah would like it too. I also got Abby a little toy dr. kit. Hannah got a skirt. I managed to pick up two winter coats and snowpants for my friend, Jenn- which were only $7!!! It was a great morning for sales! So, until next can find me at 'normal' stores or maybe a thrift or consignment shop when I'm looking for clothes for the kids!


Kim said...

Garage sales are so awesome for finding clothes for the kids. But like you said you can never find anything for the older kids

I am OK said...

I love good sales, I hit a few great ones this past weekend. I just wish I'd brought more cash! People just give it away sometimes.