Saturday, September 04, 2010

One Week Under Our Belts

It's hard to believe our first week has gone by. It certainly was a busy one. By the second day I was ready to just quit and pick it up again some other time! It was mostly dealing with attitudes and such at that point, but MOM has been more CONSISTENT in discipline measures and that really has helped with the rest of the week (for the most part). It is nice that the first week or two are pretty much review. We did a few projects this week, like make the Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria.

Yesterday we had our first day of co-op. It went really well. Abby didn't even cry when I brought her to the nursery- she just went right in and played happily the whole 3 hours! I'm sure I missed her more than she missed me! I helped in gym time and that was ok. I'm not much of an athletic person but I didn't have to do much :) Probably one of the easiest 'jobs' there! It was a lot of fun watching the preschool and kindergartners play kickball :) The kids had a lot of fun also. The subjects are Music, Gym, Art & Science. In science Hannah's learning Chemistry and the boys both learned about the earth's crust, core and mantle. They also get a snack time in there. I met a few people as well and just feel thankful for all the people God has been placing in my life.

It was such a busy week and I have been exhausted last night and today because of it! I'm thankful its a long weekend and hoping to do much of nothing but so far that hasn't been the case :) And today is almost over! I got a sitter lined up for tonight so Zach and I will go out and do something- just not sure what! I really want to go shopping as I only fit in two pairs of pants, but we'll see. I could always go another day if he's not interested in watching me try on clothes :)


Amie said...

Sounds good! Sadie went into the nursery a couple times this past Spring for the first time, I was so surprised.
Our co-op starts this week. I teach a gym class, a story starters class for 3rd-5th, and a creative writing class for 6-12th! I think I'm prepared, at least for the first week!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to be back to school. And overwhelmed all at the same time. Funny how that happens:) Glad you are having a good schoolyear thus far!

I am OK said...

Hope you all had fun when the sitter was there! We have a planned night out next week - I cannot wait :P)

Glad school turned out to be pretty good. Co-op sounds awesome.

PBJCJ said...

Just checking in :) Sounds like everyone is having fun w/ school so far! Hope you had fun shopping!!! Love you :) Oh, love the new blog layout..<3