Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poopies and Funnies

What an interesting park day. Thankfully the park we were at had a bathroom- an outhouse. Josiah really, really had to go. He did not want to go in that bathroom but what can ya do. When you gotta go that bad you really have to go! So, it rained last night and the outhouse was a bit wet. The toilet paper was wet. He was going to have to sit down AND use the TP. Hmm...thank goodness for wipes! I just stuck wipes on the seat and he had to use wipes. Poor kid. Gabe had to go too, thankfully not as bad as Josiah so he just sprayed the fence by the bathroom! Then, leave it to Abby to poop in her diaper! When I finished changing her I noticed she had poop on her finger. Lovely. I'm thinking that soon I'm going to take a few days off of school, be low key and at home and have some potty training days. I just can't work potty training into a full school day, ya know? So, while I had a great time visiting and getting to know some other homeschool mama's better it was interesting in a few other departments.

On a funny note, Hannah wasn't remembering her multiplication facts very well. She told me a few different times that she must have been brainwashed over the summer (meaning she forgot them). I was wondering why and were she got the brainwashed thing from, until I was reading last night. I'm reading a book of hers called The Girl Who Could Fly. Sure, its a 'childrens' book but it is like 300 pages and really good. Ahha- I saw where she got 'brainwashed' from!


DDK23 said...

Matthew has been doing potty training. He has been doing fairly well, but it is hard to work it in for me too. He's got the basics down....just working on the rest lol.

Kim said...

Oh my you sure had your hands full, How funny everyone had to go to the bathroom while you were out. I swear everytime we go to the commissary Jalynn has to go to the bathroom. I think its just a thing.I hate having to use the public bathrooms.

crimsoncovered said...

Noah turns 2 in January and I was thinking the other day about waiting until the summer, because my older son took forever to potty train so why rush. And we live so far from everywhere and you can't pull over to the side of the road when its -50 to let him tinkle. And school would be out so it would be easier!
I think a break would be in order:)