Saturday, September 11, 2010

You know your child is homeschooled when:

They're 8 years old and cannot tie their shoes. Now granted, they lived in the South for most of their life and really have not worn shoes with ties all that often, but still.

They can't jump rope at 10 years old.

:) Just had to share!


PBJCJ said...

Haha! Jacob is just learning to tie his shoes too, so its not just you (or homeschooling) :) I use the 'south' excuse as well, I think its a valid reason! That and the amazing invention of velcro :)

Kim said...

Lol, I think my kids kinda forgot how to tie their shoes since they never tie them all the do is slip them w/ it still tied every time, Think its laziness

Sherry said...

I'm glad Janessa is not the only 8 year old who can't tie her own shoes! She just doesn't seem to care to learn, lol. She also just slips them on and leaves them tied.